Policies & Procedures

Qualicum Beach Family History Society –  Policies and Procedures

 Lifetime Honorary Memberships

Policy: The Executive may, at their discretion, grant honorary lifetime memberships to persons who have made a significant contribution to the Society or its objectives.

Adopted at Annual General Meeting, February 15, 2012

Procedure: A recommendation for lifetime membership shall be submitted to the Executive, in writing, stating the name of the individual being recommended, his or her role in the affairs of the Society, and the reasons for the recommendation. The signatures of the individual(s) making the submission must be included.

Adopted by Executive Committee, April 2, 2013

Business Advertising by Society Members

Policy: A member shall not use membership information of the Society for the purpose of advertising or conducting his or her business.

Adopted at Annual General Meeting, February 15, 2012

Procedure:The Executive must be informed of any members found promoting their business using the membership information; they will be asked to desist. Non-compliance may result in expulsion by special resolution, as described in the Bylaws.

Both members and non-members have the opportunity to pay for business card size advertisements in the Society’s quarterly Journal.

Adopted by Executive Committee, April 2, 2013

Workshop and Seminar Registrations

Policy: The Executive shall set deadlines for payment of fees and cancellation of registrations for workshops or seminars sponsored by the Society. Refunds will not be given for cancellations received less than 72 hours prior to the date of the event.

Adopted at Annual General Meeting, February 15, 2012

Procedure: Payment of workshop or seminar fees will be by cash or cheque, payable to QBFHS, on or before the stated deadline for registration. A registrant who is unable to attend may sell/give their place to another individual, provided they inform the Society of said change.
Adopted by Executive Committee, April 2, 2013

Payment of Guest Speakers, Workshop Leaders & other Service Providers

Policy: The Executive has the responsibility to approve the selection and payment for services appropriate to the purposes of the Society. Guest speakers, workshop leaders, and other appropriate personnel may be paid an hourly fee and other expenses if requested. Expenses may include ferry or other public transport fares, gasoline, hotel and food.

If speakers and workshop leaders do not request any payment for services they may be given a twenty-five dollar ($25.00) honorarium in the form of cash or a voucher. Those who provide business or professional services without charge may receive an honorarium at the discretion of the Executive.
Adopted at Annual General Meeting, February 15, 2012

Procedure: The Director of Programs shall submit an annual budget for anticipated fees and expenses for speakers at regular monthly meetings. Any additional expenses not included in the budget must be submitted to the Executive for approval. Similarly, any Director, or other QBFHS volunteer, responsible for a workshop or seminar, or for acquiring business or professional services, must present a budget to the Executive for approval or seek specific approval for non-budget items. The rate for gasoline expenses will be at 40 cents per kilometre.
Adopted by Executive Committee, April 2, 2013


Policy: Donated items may be books, magazines, or audio/visual materials related to family history, and money. All materials must be in good condition, appropriate, and current. Donated items should enhance the existing resources and the Society reserves the right to decline donated materials. All accepted donations become the physical property of the QBFHS and will not be returned. The Treasurer will issue a tax-deductible receipt for a cash donation of $10.00 or more in accordance with Revenue Canada guidelines. Donated materials will be reviewed periodically for retention/disposal. When donated items are no longer needed they may be offered to the QBFHS membership. We are unable to accept personal family history research materials. However, we will provide the contact information for repositories that may accept such documents. The procedures established will apply for all donations.
Adopted at Annual General Meeting, March 20, 2013

Procedure: Donors of cash or non-monetary items may submit their request through the website or directly to a member of the Executive Committee. For non-monetary donations the request must include the donors full name and contact information and a description of the item(s) e.g. book title, author and publication date. The Recipient of the proposed donation will contact the Director(s) responsible for the type of donation, who will inform the donor of acceptance or refusal of the donated item(s). When appropriate, and with the written permission of the donor, the item(s) may include a notation recognizing the donor. Donated items may not be dropped off at QBFHS meetings or at the Family History Centre at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints without first receiving confirmation from a representative of the society that the item is acceptable.
Adopted by Executive Committee, March 4, 2013

Non-member Requests for Family Research Assistance

Policy:  When non-members from the local area request assistance with family research they will be encouraged to join QBFHS where they may receive the services provided by the Society.
In the event that non-members from outside the local area seek assitance with family research related to Qualicum Beach and surrounding area, QBFHS will undertake a limited search on their behalf.  If extensive research is required the person will be provided with pertinent sources of information.  The Executive Committee may, at their discretion, arrange for further assitance to be given.
Adopted by Executive Committee, June 3, 2013

Procedure:  When a non-member contacts the Society requesting assistance with family research, either through the website, by mail, or through a member, the request will be forwarded to the Vice-President for a response.  In accordance with the policy, the Vice-President will determine the type and extent of the assistance to be undertaken and respond.  If, in his/her opinion, the request warrants further discussion, it may be brought to the Executive Committee, who will decide if additional assistance should or should not be provided.
Adopted by Executive Committee, June 3, 2013