Are You Sure They Really Are Your Ancestors?

Family History Daily has a very interesting article on common mistakes we all seem to make.  As you know, family history research is a fascinating and rewarding hobby, and it’s getting more exciting all of the time. With new records and tools and research methods appearing every day, there are seemingly endless opportunities to explore and collaborate.

But, as most of us already recognize, there are also endless opportunities to make mistakes. And, in the connected world of online research, those mistakes can spread like wildfire.

One very important part of our family history research that can easily go awry is the connection between generations. More than any other area, this one is the most vulnerable to the kind of mistakes that can completely crush the accuracy of an entire branch of our tree.

To read the entire article and perhaps gain some insight into not making the all-to-common mistakes in connecting generations, please click here.

Good luck with your ancestor hunt!