Dublin City Libraries release free Digital Repository

 Dublin City Libraries and Archive Digital Repository was released last with some 43,000 historic photographs and documents freely available to search and download. The material includes photographs, postcards, letters, maps, and historical memorabilia.

Highlights of the collection include the Fáilte Ireland Photographic Collection with images dating from the 1930s onwards of people, places and tourist locations from across Ireland, and the Dublin City Council Photographic Collection


Free or Almost Free Genealogical Education

One of the sources of free or almost free genealogical education is the proliferation of blogs that exist today. Signing up to have the blog postings come to your inbox is an easy way to learn from the experiences and expertise of others in the field of genealogical research. The risk in doing this too often is information overload. At some point in time you want to stop reading and actually do some research and recording related to your own family.

How much information is too much information and which bloggers should you follow?  Please click here to continue reading.


Take Another Look At Your Documents

Do you merrily go along downloading documents and only look at what you were looking for?  We are all guilty of doing that!    Janine Adams on Organize Your Family History blog talks about what can happen when you read the fine details on the document you downloaded or perhaps take a look at the documents you do have with a fresh eye.


The FAN Club

The FAN Club, if you haven’t heard of the term coined by genealogist Elizabeth Shown Mills, is a cluster of people in the milieu surrounding a mystery ancestor, and may present some viable clues about those research brick walls we struggle to overcome. The acronym FAN stands for friends, associates and neighbors.  But what do these terms mean, and why does it matter? We all have those ancestors who seem to have dropped straight out of the sky and don’t connect to anyone of their same surname. Or an ancestor whose surname is Jones, Smith, Williams, or Davis, and everyone in the community shares their same surname. Then there are the women, whose maiden names and parents can often be a mystery lost to the past. Researching an ancestor’s FAN club may not be a magic bullet in those situations, but it can come pretty close.

Legacy Tree Genealogists talks about how you can effectively use the FAN club principals to further your research.


It’s Complicated: Unique Relationships in Historical Records

Leslie Albrecht Huber on the FamilySearch.org blog talks about how relationships can be complicated. Everyone knows that. There are many songs, movies, and plays out there detailing the tangles and twists of relationships, each with their own dose of dramatic flair. And despite what anyone might say about life being simpler in the good old days, complicated relationships are nothing new…

Every one of us has plenty of these messy relationships in our family tree. Sometimes the juicy details get lost in the abyss of history, but other times family stories that offer glimpses into our ancestors’ complicated relationships survive. Occasionally, evidence of these relationships has been preserved in the records …  continue reading.


Good luck with your research!