Exploring the Hidden Features of Ancestry’s Image Viewer

Over the years Ancestry has made changes to its image viewer.  The latest change is one you just might not realize is there and if you are a long-time user you may be wondering where some features went.  If you are a new Ancestry user, you might thing the image viewer is a bit lacking. It turns out that some of the most powerful features of the image viewer are hiding behind a simple icon.

If you are looking at a census return image, it isn’t immediately obvious what you are looking at, even though the name may be highlighted in yellow.

That information (and more besides) is hidden behind one of the icons on the right-hand side of the page. Look below the green “SAVE” button and you’ll see several icons, including one that has a straight vertical line with an arrow pointing left. When you click that icon, you’ll get an expanded menu with more information and more options. On that expanded menu, you’ll get three tabs.

  • The Detail tab (as shown above) provides the information that was indexed for that record.
  • The Related tab has links to other records that Ancestry thinks pertains to that person.
  • The Source tab includes a source citation, information about where this image came from, and the ability to browse other years and locations in this collection (the options for browsing vary by collection.).

Good luck with your research!