Genealogy for Children

It is up to us, as genealogists, to introduce the wonders of genealogy and family history to children.

Children love to learn about the world they live in, the family they belong to and are naturally curious. In learning about themselves they often ask questions about their parents’ and grandparents’ childhoods. They’re awed and amazed at the differences while at the same time looking for similarities. It may be hard for a child to envision a grandparent as a child, but stories about life “way back when” help a child to connect to the family. Creating the story of their ancestor’s lives with both words and pictures, whether photographs of their ancestors or pictures and stories of the places where they lived will create a lasting legacy that will take them well into adulthood.

Members of the  Victoria Genealogy Society have created a resource section on their website to provide information and resources for children who are beginning their journey into the past and have given QBFHS permission to provide a link to their site.    For assistance on helping children learn about their family history, please visit the  “Genealogy in the Classroom”  resource section on their website.  This teaching resource has something for everyone:

  • family tree a (suitable for all types of families),
  • genealogy lesson plans and guides for teachers,
  • family history projects for youth clubs, parents and children,
  • research articles, videos for students, and more.

Take the time to enjoy the joy of  working with a child or children and watching a child’s eyes light up with each new genealogy discovery!