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The Library is situated at the Family History Centre, 591 Arbutus St., Qualicum Beach. It is available when the centre is open on Mondays and Tuesdays from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Use is on a self-serve basis and help may be available from the centre volunteers. Materials may be borrowed by QBFHS members fora one-month period and can be returned either to the library or at the monthly meeting of the Society. Please note that in July and August the hours of operation are Tuesdays only from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Please contact our librarian for information or queries about any books in our library.

Our library contains a variety of books and information on worldwide resources.   Use the search function to find a specific book title or area you are researching.  If you know the country as well as the county, parish, state or province, include all that information in the search query.  e.g.  Canada – Ontario will give you a list of all  resources held by the library for that specific criteria. Remember to clear the search box before beginning a new search.

British Isles941BAI1980The Village blacksmith 2nd ed. Bailey, Jocelyn 32 p
British Isles941BEV2006Tracing your ancestors in the National Archives : the website and beyond 7th rev. ed. Bevan, Amanda 566 p
British Isles941BUR2009Tracing your pauper ancestors Robert Burlison 192 p
British Isles941COL2012Birth, marriage and death records : a guide for family historians Collins, Audrey 185 p
British Isles941ELL2014Tracing Your Coal Mining Ancestors: A Guide for Family HistoriansElliott, Brian266 p
British Isles941FOW2011Tracing your naval ancestors : a guide for family historians Fowler, Simon 186 p
British Isles941GIB1998Specialist indexes Gibson, Jeremy 65 p
British Isles941GIB2002Probate jurisdictions : where to look for wills 5th ed. Gibson, Jeremy 71 p
British Isles941GUP1998Homes of family names in Great Britain [facsimile of 1890 publication] Guppy, Henry B. 601 p
British Isles941HAR2009My ancestor was a railway worker Hardy, Frank 109 p
British Isles941HAW2000Genuki : U.K. and Ireland genealogy on the Internet Hawgood, David 48 p
British Isles941HER2000Ancestral trails: the complete guide to British genealogy and family history Herber, Mark D. 701 p
British Isles941IRV2013What's in a will? : what does it tell you? Irvine, Sherry 7 p
British Isles941LEW1999Lewis's Gazetteer of England, Ireland and Scotland1 CD
British Isles941LOG2000An Introduction to Friendly Society records Logan, Roger 46 p
British Isles941MCL1989Wills before 1858 McLaughlin, Eve 16 p
British Isles941MIL1999My Ancestors Were QuakersMilligan, Edward H.90 p
British Isles941ORD19881989 Ordnance Survey motoring atlas of Great Britain137 p (shelved on bottom shelf)
British Isles941RAY2015Tracing your ancestors’ parish records: a guide for family and local historiansRaymond, Stuart A.187 p
British Isles941RAY2011Trades and professions : the family historians guide Raymond, Stuart A. 64 p
British Isles941RAY2012The Wills of Our AncestorsRaymond, Stuart A199 p
British Isles941WAD2009Tracing your criminal ancestors : a guide for family historians Wade, Stephen 176 p
British Isles941WIL2013Tracing your ancestors' childhood : a guide for family historians Wilkes, Sue229 p
England and Wales942ALD2002My ancestor was a bastard : a family historian's guide to sources for illegitimacy in England and Wales Paley, Ruth 89 p
England and Wales942.24BEA1992East Norfolk poll & register 1835 Vol 24 Beal, C 227 p
England and Wales942BLA2006Family and local history handbook 10 Blatchford, Robert 448 p
England and Wales942BLA2009Tracing your East Anglian ancestors : a guide for family historians Blanchard, Gill 224 p
England and Wales942BOU1988Records of the Church of England : a practical guide for the family historian Bourne, Susan & Chicken, Andrew H.44 p
England and Wales942BRO2011Tracing your rural ancestors : a guide for family historians Brown, Jonathan 162 p
England and Wales942.24CHA1991Norwich Directory 1783 Chase, W 80 p
England and Wales942CHR2003Researching English Non-Anglican records Christensen, P, Dr. 366 p
England and Wales942DIG1985The Poor Law in 19th Century EnglandDigby, Anne40 p
England and Wales942ELL1997Using Manorial RecordsEllis, Mary110 p
England and Wales942EMM2015Tracing Your Trade & Craft Ancestors - A Guide for Family HistoriansEmm, Adele214 p
England and Wales942.12ESS1993Essex Family history : a genealogist's guide to the Essex Record Office 2nd ed.159 p
England and Wales942.9EVA2015Tracing Your Welsh Ancestors - Guide for Family HistoriansEvans, Beryl212 p
England and Wales942FED2004National burial index for England & Wales 2nd ed. FFHS 4 CDs
England and Wales942FED2010National burial index for England and Wales 3rd ed. FFHS 1 CD
England and Wales942.13FRY1945English city : the story of Bristol88 p + folded map
England and Wales942GIB1995Protestation returns 1641-42 : and other contemporary listings Gibson, Jeremy 84 p
England and Wales942GIB1997Poor law Union records vol. 4 Gazetteer of England & Wales 2nd ed. Gibson, Jeremy76 p
England and Wales942GIB1998Land and window tax assessments 2nd ed. Gibson, Jeremy 73 p
England and Wales942GIB1998Marriage and census indexes for family historians 7th ed. Gibson, Jeremy 47 p
England and Wales942GIB2000Coroners' records in England and Wales 2nd ed. Gibson, Jeremy 48 p
England and Wales942GIB2001Bishops' transcripts and marriage licenses, bonds and allegations : a guide to their location and indexes 5th ed. Gibson, Jeremy 52 p
England and Wales942GIB2005Poor law union records vol 1. S.E. England & East Anglia 2nd ed. Gibson, Jeremy 72 p
England and Wales942GIB2006Poor law union records vol. 3 South-west England & Wales 2nd ed. Gibson, Jeremy 72 p 
England and Wales942GIB2008Poor law union records vol. 2. The Midlands and Northern England 3rd ed. Gibson, Jeremy 69 p
England and Wales942.13GLO2000Gloucester parish records vol. 11 CD
England and Wales942GRA2013Tracing Your West County Ancestors - A Guide for Family HistoriansGray, Kristy179 p
England and Wales942GRE2007Tracing your northern ancestors: a guide to the North-east and Cumbria for the family historian Gregson, Keith20.5
England and Wales942.24GRE1993Norfolk Archdeaconry marriage licence bonds 1813-1837 Green 170 p
England and Wales942GRU2003History's midwives : including a C17th and C18th Yorkshire nominations index Grundy, Joan E. 136 p
England and Wales942.14HAM2000Hampshire parish records vol. 11 CD
England and Wales942.02HAR2011J. G. Harrod's Royal County Directory of Berkshire 18771 CD
England and Wales942.24HOO1991Norwich Archdeaconry marriage licence bonds 1813-1837 Hood, Christine 280 p
England and Wales942HOR2009My ancestor was in service Horn, Pamela 143 p
England and Wales942IRE1977Discovering local history Iredale, David 72 p
England and Wales942.19LAN1976MAP   Lancashire : National map series sheet 311 Folded Map
England and Wales942.19LAN1998Finding folk : a handlist of basic sources for family history in the Lancashire Record Office262 p
England and Wales942LEA2005My ancestors were Methodists 4th ed. Leary, William 115 p
England and Wales942.22LEG2008My ancestors were €¦ Thames Watermen 2nd ed. Legon, James W. 158 p
England and Wales942.47LIV2012Liverpool 19031 Folded Map
England and Wales942.22LON2001London 1891 Census39 CDs
England and Wales942.22LON2002London 1871 Census42 CDs
England and Wales942.22LON2003London 1861 Census20 CDs
England and Wales1996McL1996Parish RegistersMcLaughlin, Eve36 p
England and Wales942.23MAP1986Old ordnance survey maps : Middlesex 18981 Folded Map
England and Wales942.32MAP1997-2006Old ordnance survey maps : Staffordshire 1901-19036 Folded Maps
England and Wales942MAR1989A-Z guide to tracing ancestors in Britain 3rd ed. Markwell, F.C. 224 p
England and Wales942MAY1997Victorian workhouse : a shire album May, Trevor 32p
England and Wales942MCL1995Quarter Sessions - your ancestors and the Law McLaughlin, Eve 36 p
England and Wales942MCL2001Annals of the poor 6th ed. McLaughlin, Eve 36 p
England and Wales942MCL2009Illegitimacy 8th ed. McLaughlin, Eve 36 p
England and Wales942MIL2015Buried Treasure: What's in the English Parish ChestMilner, Paul60 p
England and Wales942.24NOR1999Norfolk Parish records Vol 11 CD
England and Wales942OAT2012Tracing your ancestors from 1066 to 1837 : a guide for family historians Oates, Jonathan 143 p
England and Wales942OSB2012Genealogy : essential research methods Osborn, Helen 272 p
England and Wales942PAL2004My ancestor was a bastard : a family historian's guide to sources for illegitimacy in England and Wales Paley, Ruth 89 p
England and Wales942PAR2005My ancestors were Manorial tenants Park, Peter B. 57 p
England and Wales942PRO2012Marriage law for genealogists : the definitive guide Probert, Rebecca 160 p
England and Wales942PRO2015Divorced, Bigamist, Bereaved? The Family Historian’s Guide To Marital Breakdown, Separation, Widowhood, And Remarriage: From 1600 to the Probert, Rebecca209 p
England and Wales942RAY2009Parish registers Raymond, Stuart A. 64 p
England and Wales942RAY2010My ancestor was an apprentice Raymond, Stuart A. 122 p
England and Wales942REA1964Origin of English place names Reaney, P.H. 277 p
England and Wales942RIC2003Local historian's encyclopedia 3rd ed. Richardson, John 295 p
England and Wales942.9ROW1998Welsh family history : a guide to research 2nd ed. Rowlands, John & Sheila 325 p 
England and Wales942.47ROY2010Tracing your Liverpool ancestors : a guide for family historians Royden, Mike 260 p
England and Wales942RUS2005My ancestors worked in the theatre Rushton, Alan 79 p
England and Wales942.24SIM1991Marriage & obituary notices 1900, Lynn Advertiser, Norfolk Simons, J. 82 p
England and Wales942SMI2012UK timeline for family historians Smith, Angela & Bertram, Neil 88 p
England and Wales942.9SOU2000South & West Wales genealogical index1 CD
England and Wales942TEA2009  Tracing your textile ancestors : a guide for family historians Teasdale, Vivien 209 p
England and Wales942WAD2009  Tracing your police ancestors Wade, Stephen 146 p
England and Wales942WAL2007My ancestor was an €¦ Agricultural labourer Walker, Ian H. 136 p
England and Wales942.26WAR2005My ancestor was a bastard : a family historian's guide to sources for illegitimacy in England and Wales Paley, Ruth & Adler 89 p/264 p
England and Wales942WAT2009My ancestor was in the British Army 2nd ed. Watts, Christopher & Michael 304 p
England and Wales942.22WEB2005Greater London cemeteries and crematoria 7th ed. Webb, Cliff 47 p
England and Wales942.22WEB2009My ancestors were €¦ Londoners 5th ed. Webb, Cliff 90 p
England and Wales942.23WEB1998Middlesex: directories : a finding list 2nd ed. Webb, Cliff 26 p
England and Wales942.24WHEWhere's that? :  how to find over 700 Norfolk villages32 p
England and Wales942.33WHEWhere's that? : how to find over 450 Suffolk villages16 p
England and Wales942.24WHI2004White's gazetteer & directory of Norfolk1 CD
England and Wales942WIL2009Fishing and fishermen : a guide for family historians Wilcox, Martin 168 p
England and Wales942.19WIL2012Tracing Your Lancashire Ancestors - Guide for Family HistoriansWilkes, Sue210 p
Ireland941.5ARC2005Thom's Irish Directory 1884 1 CD
Ireland941.5BEG1985Ancestor trail in Ireland Begley, Donal 32p
Ireland941.5BLA2012Irish family and local history handbook Blatchford, Robert & Elizabeth 224 p
Ireland941.5CAN2002Memorials of the dead : counties Galway & Mayo 1 CD
Ireland941.5CHR 2000Finding your Irish ancestors Christensen, Penelope, Dr. 91l
Ireland941.5COL1999Collins Irish family names map ; the lands & arms of Ireland of old1 Folded Map
Ireland941.5DIC1997Wexford rising in 1798 : its causes and its course Dickson, Charles 275 p
Ireland941.5FRA2014A Guide to Tracing Your Limerick AncestorsFranklin, Margaret121 p
Ireland941.5GEN1984General alphabetical index to the townlands and towns, parishes & baronies of Ireland : based on the Census of Ireland for the year 1851 [facsimile of original published in 1861]968 p
Ireland941.5GRE2006Tracing your Irish Ancestors 3rd ed. Grenham, John 526 p
Ireland941.5HUT2004Researching Irish newspapers & other major printed sources Hutchinson, Brian W.236 p.
Ireland941.5HUT20042004 Researching Irish court records including state papers & parliamentary record collection Hutchinson, Brian W.236 p.
Ireland941.5KIN1999Tracing Your Irish RootsKinealy, Christine9 p
Ireland941.6LEE2008The Ulster sourcebook : for family researchers Leetooze, Sherrell Branton 210 p
Ireland941.5MAC1981Bibliography of Irish family history MacLysaght, Edward 69 p
Ireland941.5MAG20011851 Dublin city census : Chart's index of heads of households 1 CD
Ireland941.6MAX2010Tracing your Northern Irish ancestors : a guide for family historians Maxwell, Ian 182 p
Ireland941.5MEE2008A Guide to Racting Your Donegal AncestorsMeehan, Helen and
Duffey, Godfrey
160 p
Ireland941.5MIT2003A New genealogical atlas of Ireland 2nd edition Mitchell, Brian 175 p
Ireland941.5OHA1976Vol I   Irish pedigrees : the origin and stem of the Irish nation 5th ed. 1892, volume I O'Hart, John 896 p
Ireland941.5OHA1976Vol II   Irish pedigrees : the origin and stem of the Irish nation 5th ed. 1892, volume II O'Hart, John 948 p
Ireland941.5PAT2013Tracing your Irish family history on the internet Paton, Chris157 p
Ireland941.5PUN2012North America's maritime funnel : the ships that brought the Irish 1749-1852 Punch, Terrence M. 171 p
Ireland941.5RYA1988Irish records: sources for family and local history Ryan, James G. 562 p
Ireland941.5TRA2010Tracing your Irish roots : a collection54 p
Ireland941.5TRA2012Tracing your Irish ancestors66 p
Scotland941.1ADO2009Tracing your Scottish family history Adolph, Anthony 224 p
Scotland941.1BIS2004The Lands and people of Moray : Part 18 : Forming the south and east of the Parish of Duffus Bishop, Bruce B.72 p72 p
Scotland941.1BIS2005The Lands and people of Moray : Part 20 : Forming the south and east of the Parish of Alves Bishop, Bruce B.70pp
Scotland941.1BIS2005The Lands and people of Moray : Part 21 : Forming the south and west of the Parish of Alves Bishop, Bruce B.50 p
Scotland941.1CLA2011Tracing your Scottish ancestors : a guide to ancestry research in the National Records of Scotland and ScotlandsPeople 6th ed. Clarke, Tristram 256 pple 6th ed
Scotland941.1GAR1972A Genealogical atlas of Scotland Gardner, David E., Harland, Derek & Smith, Franl 66 p
Scotland941.1INV2008An Inventory of Scottish graveyards and other burial grounds 1 CD
Scotland941.1IRV2003Scottish ancestry 2nd rev. ed. Irvine, Sherry 251 p
Scotland941.1JON2002A genealogist's guide to discovering your Scottish Ancestors Jonas, L. 226 p
Scotland941.1MAR1989Canada's heritage in Scotland Martin, Ged & Simpson, Jeffrey 245 p
Scotland941.1MAR2004Maryculter : Church of Scotland parish records 1696-1855 1 CD
Scotland941.1MOR2002Moray 1851 census : rural parishes 1 CD
Scotland941.1MOR2004Moray 1851 census : Elgin & Forres 1 CD
Scotland941.1PAT2010Researching Scottish family history Paton, Chris120 p
Scotland941.1POS2003Post Office directory of Glasgow 1869-70 1 CD
Scotland941.1WHY2008Dictionary of Scottish emigrants to Canada before Confederation v.1-4 Whyte, Donald 1 CD
Europe943BAX1987In search of your German roots Baxter, Angus 122 p
Europe943BEI2014The Family Tree German genealogy guide Beidler, James M.239 p
Europe943BRA2007Germanic genealogies: a guide to worldwide sources and migration patterns 3rd ed. Brandt, E. et al 662p
Europe943.8CHO2014Polish roots Chorzempa, Rosemary A.270 p
Europe948.5CLE2004Your Swedish roots : a step by step handbook Clemensson, Per & Andersson, Kjell 222 p
Europe940DOL2013The family tree guidebook to Europe Dolan, Allison269 p
Europe947TRA2013Tracing your Eastern European ancestors Zapletal, Edward82 p
Canada - BC971.1ADA1985Heritage cemeteries in BC: collected papers Adams, John D. 55 p
Canada - BC971.12ADA1983Historic guide to Ross Bay Cemetery, Victoria, BC Adams, John 40 p + map
Canada - BC971.1ALL2013Researching in Victoria : a catalogue of genealogical resources 2nd ed. Allen, Jo Ann 37 p
Canada - BC971.12BAR2002Cumberland heritage : a selected history of people, buildings, institutions & sites 1885-1950 Barr, Jennifer Nell 258 p
Canada - BC971.12CAM1996Listings of the original Campbell River cemetery 1932-183 & new Campbell River cemetery 1983-1995 2nd ed. Campbell River Genealogy Society 125 p
Canada - BC971.12CAM2006Birth, marriage & death extractions from Comox Argus newspaper 1917-1946 rev. ed. Campbell River Genealogy Society 236 p
Canada - BC971.130CLA1994Vancouver voters, 1886 : a biographical dictionary Claydon, Peter S.N. & Melanson, Valerie A. et al 902 p+ map
Canada - BC971.12COM2002Cumberland Cemetery, Cumberland, BC Comox Valley Family History Research Group (Transcribed) 208 p
Canada - BC971.113HAN1993Fraser Cemetery, New Westminster, BC. A-K Hannay, Margaret 243 p
Canada - BC971.113HAN1993Fraser Cemetery, New Westminster, BC. L-Z Hannay, Margaret 246 p
Canada - BC971.12HEN1984Piper's Lagoon : a historic and captivating Vancouver Island Park Henderson, Vi 52 p
Canada - BC971.12HOR2008Voices from the Sound : chronicles of Clayoquot Sound and Tofino 1899-1929 Horsfield, Margaret 365 p
Canada - BC971.12LEF2000Parksville and then some€¦ Leffler, Marjorie 162 p
Canada - BC971.11LOR2005Kitimat Municipal Cemetery, Kitimat, BC McLean, Lorraine D. & Sheil, Mary N. 42 l
Canada - BC971.133MCG1975Bygones of Burnaby : an anecdotal history McGeachie, Penelope 108 p
Canada - BC971.12NAN2007Pioneer settlement 1854 : from the Black Country to Nanaimo Volume 1 Nanaimo Historical Society & Nichols, Peggy 46 p
Canada - BC971.12NAN2007Pioneer settlement 1854 : from the Black Country to Nanaimo Volume 2 Nanaimo Historical Society & Nichols, Peggy 46 p
Canada - BC971.12NAN2007Pioneer settlement 1854 : from the Black Country to Nanaimo Volume 3 Nanaimo Historical Society & Nichols, Peggy 53 p
Canada - BC971.133NIK1990Coquitlam 100 years : reflections of the past Nikiforuk, Ted 400 p
Canada - BC971.12OAK2010Voices from the dorm : Qualicum Beach School, Qualicum College School for Boys, 1935-1970 Oakes, Jill & Riewe, Rick 226 p + 1 CD
Canada - BC971.12SIV1980History of Nanoose Bay, BC, Canada Sivertz, Barbara Prael & Nicholls, Margaret Williams 196 p + 2 maps
Canada - BC971.1TWI2004First invaders: literary origins of British Columbia Twigg, Alan 229 p
Canada - BC971.12URI1994St. Anne's Aldermere : Anglican parish of St. Anne's St. Edmunds : 1894 to 1994 Urie, Valentine 106 p
Canada - BC971.12WYL1992Qualicum Beach : a history of Vancouver Island's best kept secrets Wylie, Brad 222 p
Canada- Alberta971.23BOR1999Finding your ancestors in Alberta Borgstede, Arlene 2215 p
Canada- Saskatchewan971.24HAN2003Tracing your Saskatchewan ancestors : a guide to the records and how to use them 2nd ed. Hanowski, Laura M. 145 p
Canada- Saskatchewan971.24SAS1984Historical directory of Saskatchewan newspapers 1878-1983 : Vol. 4 Saskatchewan Archives reference series MacDonald, Christine 87 p
Canada- Saskatchewan971.24SAS1985Exploring local history in Saskatchewan : Vol. 3 Saskatchewan Archives reference series Wilson, Ruth Dyck 44p
Canada- Saskatchewan971.24SAS1986Exploring family history in Saskatchewan : Vol. 2 Saskatchewan Archives reference series Hande, D'Arcy 24 p
Canada- Manitoba971.27HAN2005Finding your ancestors in Manitoba Hanowski, Laura 152 p
Canada - Western Canada971.2OBE2001Back to the land : a genealogical guide to finding farms on the Canadian prairies Obee, Dave 56 p
Canada - Western Canada971.2OBE2003Western Canadian Directories on microfiche and microfilm Obee, Dave (Compiled by) 74 p
Canada - Western Canada971.2PHI2002Western Canada Photographers Lisst: 1860-1925Phillips, Glen C.152 p
Canada - Ontario971.3DOU2009United Empire Loyalists, Guide to Tracing Loyalist Ancestors in Upper CanadaMerriman, Brenda Dougall192 p
Canada- Ontario971.3HOP1994Index to Niagara conference Methodist Episcopal church baptismal register 1849-1886 : pt. 1 A-K a guide for genealogists Hope, Louise I. 80 p
Canada- Ontario971.3HOP1994Index to Niagara conference Methodist Episcopal church baptismal registers 1849-1886 : pt. 2 L-Z a guide for genealogists Hope, Louise I. 84 p
Canada- Ontario971.3MAC2013Inheritance in Ontario : wills and other records for family historians MacNamara, Jane E.139 p
Canada- Ontario971.3MER2013Genealogy in Ontario : searching the records, 30th anniversary edition Merriman, Brenda Dougall 329 p
Canada- Ontario971.3SMA1972Christ Church Anglican Cemetery : Concession XVI, Lot 6 Wolfe Island, Ontario Small, Fern & Collins, Ken 12 p
Canada- Ontario971.3SMA1975Trinity Church Anglican Cemetery : Concession VI Lot 3Wolfe Island, Ontario Small, Fern & Collins, Ken 27 p
Canada- Ontario971.3SMA2007Index to the Upper Canada Land Books 1787-1841 Smart, Susan 1 CD
Canada- Ontario971.345TAY1986Family research in Waterloo and Wellington counties Taylor, Ryan 106 p
Canada- Ontario971.345TAY1997Route to roots : a collection of "Tracing Your Roots" columns from the Kitchener-Waterloo Record 1993-1997 Taylor, Ryan 153 p
Canada- Ontario971.3WAL1995Marriage registers of Upper Canada/Canada West v.2 Brock District 1839-1857 Walker, Dan & Calder Robert W. 170p
Canada- Ontario971.3WAL1995Marriage registers of Upper Canada/Canada West v.4 pt. 1 London District 1795-1841 Walker, Dan & Calder Robert W. 202 p
Canada- Ontario971.3WAL1995Marriage registers of Upper Canada/Canada West v.4 pt. 2 London District 1841-1852 Walker, Dan & Calder Robert W. 188 p
Canada- Ontario971.3WAL1998Vital Records of Upper Canada/Canada West vol. 1 pt. 1 Niagara District 1795-1856 Walker, Dan & Stratford-Devai, Fawne 168 p
Canada- Ontario971.3WAL1999Vital Records of Upper Canada/Canada West vol. 1 pt. 2 Niagara District 1792-1849 Walker, Dan & Stratford-Devai, Fawne 207 p
Canada- Ontario971.3WAL1999Marriage registers of Upper Canada/Canada West v.11 pt. 1 Home District 1808-1836 Walker, Dan, Burkholder, Ruth & Stratford-Devai, Fawne 183 p
Canada- Ontario971.3WAL1999Marriage registers of Upper Canada/Canada West v.11 pt. 2 Home District 1835-1843 Walker, Dan, Burkholder, Ruth & Stratford-Devai, Fawne 227 p
Canada- Ontario971.3WAL1999Marriage registers of Upper Canada/Canada West v.12 Eastern District 1801-1865 Walker, Dan & Stratford-Devai, Fawne 168 p
Canada- Ontario971.3WAL1999Marriage registers of Upper Canada/Canada West v.6 Ottawa District 1816-1853 Walker, Dan & Stratford-Devai, Fawne 45 l
Canada- Ontario971.3WAL1999Vital Records of Upper Canada/Canada West vol. 2 pt. 1 Gore District 1818-1857 Walker, Dan & Stratford-Devai, Fawne 225 p
Canada- Nova Scotia971.6CAP2010Cape Breton Co. Nova Scotia marriage records 1890s1 DVD
Canada- Nova Scotia971.6CAP2011Cape Breton Co. Nova Scotia marriage records 1850s & 1860s1 DVD
Canada- Nova Scotia971.6CAP2011Cape Breton Co. Nova Scotia marriage records 1880s only1 DVD
Canada- Nova Scotia971.6DUN1979Census of Nova Scotia 1827  Census of District of Pictou 1818 Dunlop, Allan C. 151 p
Canada- Nova Scotia971.6MAR1984Catalogue of published genealogies of Nova Scotia families 2nd ed.Marble, A. 77 p
Canada- Nova Scotia971.6PUB1988Nova Scotia genealogical sources ; No. 1 Halifax County Hartling, Phillip & Morris, Julie 14 p
Canada- Nova Scotia971.6PUB1989ova Scotia genealogical sources : No. 2 Kings County Thorpe, Wendy L. 16 p
Canada- Nova Scotia971.6PUB1989Nova Scotia genealogical sources : No. 3 Lunenburg County Hartling, Phillip L. 18 p
Canada- Nova Scotia971.6PUB1990Nova Scotia genealogical sources : No. 4 Pictou County Dunlop, Allan C. 14 p
Canada- Nova Scotia971.6PUB1990Nova Scotia genealogical sources : No. 5 Annapolis County Thorpe, Wendy L. 21p
Canada- Nova Scotia971.6PUB1990Nova Scotia genealogical sources : No. 6 Colchester County Dunlop, Allan C. 15 p
Canada- Nova Scotia971.6PUB1990Nova Scotia genealogical sources : No. 7 Guysborough County Hartling, Phillip L. 14 p
Canada- Nova Scotia971.6PUB1990Nova Scotia genealogical sources : No. 8 City of Halifax Shutlak, Garry 13 p
Canada- New Brunswick971.5HIL2004Loyalist Collection : guides and sources, University of New Brunswick, Fredericton, NB Hilder, Kathryn 11 p
Canada- Newfoundland971.8CRA1998Finding your ancestors in Newfoundland and Labrador Crant, Bill 84 p
Canada- General971BLA2004Courage and service: Second World War awards to Canadians Blatherwick, John  1 CD
Canada- General971BOU2003Researching Canadian census records 2nd ed. Bourrie, Doris 117 p
Canada - General971CAM2002Fast sailing and copper-bottomed : Aberdeen sailing ships and the emigrant Scots they carried to Canada 1774 - Campey, Lucille H.209 p
Canada - General971CAM2016Atlantic Canada's Irish immigrants : a fish and timber story Campey, Lucille H.421 p
Canada- General971CAM2014Ignored but not forgotten : Canada's English immigrants Campey, Lucille H.390 p
Canada- General971DOU1994Canadian railway records Douglas, Althea & J. Creighton 65 p
Canada- General971GEY2002French Canadian sources : a guide for genealogists Geyh, Patricia Kenney et al 329 p
Canada- General971IRV2007Finding your Canadian ancestors: a beginner's guide Irvine, Sherry 270 p
Canada- General971OBE2003Federal voters lists in Western Canada 1935-1979 Obee, Dave 37 p
Canada- General971OBE2010Destination Canada Obee, Dave 156 p
Canada- General971OBE2012Counting Canada : a genealogists guide to the Canadian census Obee, Dave 220 p
Canada- General971SHI2002The Ships list : passenger ship arrivals Canadian ports 1865-1899 Ships List, The - Research Inc 1 CD
Canada- General971WIL2010Genealogy and the law in Canada Ann, Margaret 125 p
Canada- General971WRI2010Canadians at war 1914-1910 : a research guide to war service records Wright, Glenn 150 p
United States973EIC2004Redbook : American State, County & Town Sources 3rd ed. Eichholz, Alice 781 p
United States973GRE2000The Researcher's Guide to American GenealogyGreenwood, Val D.662 p
United States973QUI2014The Troubleshooter's Guide to Do-It_Yourself GenealogyQuillen, Daniel W.263 p
United States973QUI2014Mastering family, library & church records Quillen, Daniel W.143 p
Australia994HIC2015Where Do I Start? A Brief Guide to Researching Your Family in Australia & New ZealandHicks, Shauna71 p
General929ALL1998First Steps in Genealogy: A Beginner's Guide to Researching Your Family HistoryAllen, Desmond Walls154 p
General929.1ALZ2008Writing your family history book Alzo, Lisa A.121 p
General929ANC2006Article index for Ancestors magazine 2001-200613 l
General929.1AUL2014Genetic genealogy : the basics and beyond Aulicino, Emily D. 251 p
General929BAL2009New cousins: how to trace living descendants of your ancestors Bali, Karen 32 p
General929.1BAR2010Stories to tell : an easy guide to self publishing family history books & memoirs Barnes, Nancy92 p
General929.1BET2016The Family Tree Guide to DNA Testing and Genetic GenealogyBettinger, Blaine T.239 p
General929BOA2000The BCG genealogical standards manual Board for Certification of Genealogists 125 p
General929.1CAR2003You can write your family history Carmack, Sharon DeBartolo245 p
General25CHR2004Organizing a genealogy library : for public or private use Christensen, Penelope, Nelson, Claudine & Taylor, Ryan286 p
General929CHR2000How do I prove it? Christensen, Penelope 284 p
General929CHR2005Genealogist's Internet 3rd ed. Christian, Peter 340 p
General929CHR2005Let's get organized : a practical guide for all aspects of family history research 3rd ed. Christensen, Penelope251 p
General929.34CHR2014Census : The Family Historian's Guide Christian, Peter & Annal, David p362 p
General929.5COL1989Monumental inscriptions in the library of the S.O.G. pt.2 N. England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland and Overseas Collins, Lydia & Morton, Mabel 46 p
General929COO2012Turn your iPad into a genealogy powerhouse : (& other tablets, too!) Cooke, Lisa Louise152 p
General929CRO2015Genealogy online [10th edition] Crowe, Elizabeth Powell386 p
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Genealogy Magazines

Following are links to the websites of the magazines to which we subscribe as well as those in our local library branches. Click on the magazine title to go the home page for that magazine and follow the links to see the contents of the current issue.  For some magazines you can also view the contents of past issues.



FAMILY TREE (U.K.) (Available at Vancouver Island Regional Library, Qualicum Beach Branch)

YOUR FAMILY HISTORY (Available at Vancouver Island Regional Library, Parksville Branch)

Donations to the Library

We appreciate offers of monetary or non-monetary donations to our Society, but as a small organization, with limited facilities, we are restricted in the type and number of material items that we can accept.

If you wish to make a non-monetary donation to QBFHS please provide your full name, address and contact information and give a brief description of the item(s) that you wish to donate, e.g. book title, author and publication date. You may submit this information through the QBFHS website,http://qbfhs.ca (click on the ‘contact us’ link near the bottom of the page), or hand it directly to a member of the Executive Committee. The information will then be forwarded to the appropriate person for a decision. We will inform you if we are able to accept your offer.

Please do not drop off donated items at our meetings or at the Family History Centre at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints without first receiving confirmation from a representative of the society that the item is acceptable.

Donated items may be books, magazines, or Audio/Visual materials related to family history. All items must be in good condition, appropriate, and current. Donated items should enhance the existing resources and the Society reserves the right to decline donated materials.

All accepted donations become the physical property of the QBFHS and will not be returned.

Unfortunately we are unable to accept personal family history research materials. However, the following repositories may accept such documents:

  • The local public library where the family lived
  • Allen County Public Library Genealogy Center, Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA
  • Family Search c/o Family History Library, 35 N.W. Temple St, Salt Lake City, Utah, 84150-3400, USA.
  • The Society of Genealogists, 14 Charterhouse Buildings, Goswell Rd, London, EC1M 7BA, UK
  • Genealogy Library Center, Inc. http://arleneeakle.com/pages/collections.shtml

This information is based on the Qualicum Beach Family History Society Donation Policy (March 2013)