Parksville/Qualicum Obituaries 1948 to 1994

The following is an INCOMPLETE alphabetical index of obituaries taken from The Parksville – Qualicum area newspapers of Mid Vancouver Island. There are over 1,000 obituaries in alphabetical order ranging in dates from 1948-1994.

The newspapers used were the Parksville/Qualicum Beach Progress 1948-1982, Parksville News Advertiser 1982-?, Parksville/Qualicum Beach News – current and the Arrowsmith Star 1975-circa 1994.

The legislative library in Victoria, BC has microfilmed copies of all the above newspapers. The Parksville/Qualicum Beach Progress is also available through the Parksville & District Historical Society in Parksville.

???ES, John33858Nanaimo, BCStar, 18 September 1992age 77 years, wife Mary
ADAMA, Stephen Shane22429Qualicum Beach, BCProgress, 31 May 1961aged 3 months, father Rudolph, grandfather O. R. Coombe, grandfather H. Adama
ADAMS, Marjorie33590?Star, 03 January 1992husband Dennis
AILLES, Richard Michael Lewis (Mike)34180?News, 10 August 199336 years of age, wife Nadine, parents Grant and Diane Ailles of Huntsville, Ontario, grandparents Mr. and Mrs. Mutton, grandparent Francis Ailles
ALCOCK, James William27396Parksville, BCProgress, 08 January 1975born in Lincolnshire, England, aged 71 years, wife Elva
ALLEN, Mabel Florence26415Port Alberni, BCProgress, 03 May 1972aged 81 years, husband Walter, brother John Taylor
ALLEN, Mrs. Tom?Nanaimo, BCProgress, 23 January 1957born in Manchester, England in 1885, aged 71 years, married 1st John Mitchell, married 2nd Tom Allan in 1953, brother George Richardson
ALLEN, Walter27387Port Alberni, BCProgress, 08 January 1975born in England, aged 92 years
ALLMAN, David Ian Thomas33753Nanaimo, BCStar, 05 June 1992born 14 October 1957 in Windsor, Ontario, age 34 years, wife Brenda
ALLWOOD, Eileen Mureal34097Parksville, BCStar, 14 May 1993born 18 May 1895 in London, England, husband Frank
ALMASSY, Veronica Theylon34440Nanaimo, BCNews, 19 April 1994born 11 May 1921 in Vienna, Austria, husband Curt
ANDERSON, Carl William34121Parksville, BCNews, 08 June 1993born 25 January 1957 in Saskatchewan, Mother Shirley, father "Bill"
ANDERSON, Dorothy Madeline22733Comox, BCProgress, 04 April 1962native of Gabriola Island, BC
ANDERSON, Egon Gustave Gabriel22415Nanaimo, BCProgress, 17 May 1961born at Stockholm, Sweden, aged 79 years, wife Mabel
ANDERSON, Elizabeth23183Victoria, BCProgress, 26 June 1963born in Arnprior, Ontario
ANDERSON, Eric Albin27181Nanaimo, BCProgress, 05 June 1974born at Jervso, Helsingland, Sweden, aged 83 years, wife Angela
ANDERSON, Gail Roberta25394?Progress, 16 July 1969aged 22 years, husband David, father W. Bushmann
ANDERSON, George27972Saskatoon, SaskatchewanProgress, 18 August 1976aged 62 years, wife Irene
ANDERSON, Lander-John33988Nanaimo, BCStar, 29 January 1993born 18 April 1909
ANDERSON, Mary Elizabeth Wilmotte?Nanaimo, BCProgress, 27 February 1952born in Ontario, aged 75 years, husband died in 1945
ANDERSON, Samuel Hughes33487?Star, 13 September 1991 & 20 September 1991first wife Kathleen, second wife Noel Lapointe, third wife Helen
ANDERSON, Stewart Winnigton Irwin33699Nanaimo, BCStar, 10 April 1992born 26 March 1917 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, first wife Alice (Sawyer), second wife Doris (Griffin)
ANDREWS, Alan33768Vancouver, BCStar, 26 June 1992born 29 December 1927 in England, wife Audrey
ARNOLD, Jack Robert33726?Star, 08 May 1992aged 84 years, wife Minnie
ASHLEY-PRYCE, Frank34241?News, 12 October 1993aged 72 of Nanoose
ASHMORE, Richard Vernon (Dick)34463Qualicum Beach, BCNews, 17 May 1994 & Star, 20 May 1994born 18 May 1926 in Calgary, Alberta, wife Lillian
ATKINSON, Albert Arthur34147?News, 06 July 1993born 16 November 1911 in Plymouth, England, wife Mary Amos, married on 12 March 1936 in Vancouver, BC
ATKINSON, Mary Amos34148Nanaimo, BCNews, 06 July 1993born 17 August 1912 in Vancouver, BC, husband Albert Arthur, married on 12 March 1936 in Vancouver, BC
AUGUST, Virginia Grey (Ginny)33899?Star, 30 October 1992born on 25 October 1917 in Bassano, Alberta, husband Bill
AULT, Morris Eric34443Nanaimo, BCNews, 26 April 1994born 10 November 1914 in Bamfield, BC, wife of 45 years is Frances, parents Eric and Phyllis Ault.
AUSTRING, Alice28990Burnaby, BCProgress, 30 May 1979born in Parksville in 1918, brother William Smith
BABIY, Allan John34117Vancouver, BCNews, 08 June 199341 years old, mother is Tillie Des Meules
BACON, Johnstone D'Arcy24589Qualicum Beach, BCProgress, 03 May 1967 & 10 May 1967born at Ramsgate, Kent, England, in 1911, aged 56
BAGNALL, Cyril28937Nanaimo, BCProgress, 04 April 1979born in London, England, in his 88th year, wife Maude
BAILY, Florence26385Vancouver, BCProgress, 05 April 1972husband J. C. Bailey died in 1949
BAKER, Charles?near Wellington, New ZealandProgress, 20 May 1964aged 21 years, father C. B. Baker, grandfather W. Gordon
BAKER, Daryl Charles34480Parksville, BCNews, 31 May 1994 & Star, 3 June 1994born 15 April 1972 in Nanaimo, BC, parents Donna and Philip Baker, grandmother Helen Young, grandparents Betty and Charles Baker
BAKER, Laura Irene29041Nanaimo, BCProgress, 18 July 1979born in London, Ontario, aged 96 years, husband Charles died in 1943
BAKER, Marion34111Nanaimo, BCNews, 01 June 1993born 29 May 1928 in Nelson, BC, husband Stan
BAKER, Maude Victoria34340Victoria, BCNews, 11 January 1994in her 104th year, husband Ernest died in 1975
BAKKOM, Frances Margaret33538?Star, 01 November 1991aged 70
BALANKO, Alexander33568?Star, 06 December 1991aged 77 years, wife Vera
BALL, Frank22082Port Alberni, BCProgress, 22 June 1960aged 82 years, born in Nottingham, England, wife Ada Mary, 60th wedding anniversary 22 June 1960
BALLA, Joseph29003Vancouver, BCProgress, 06 June 1979born in Czigand, Hungary, in his 47th year, wife Terry
BANKS, Rufus (Bob)28911Port Alberni, BCProgress, 28 February 1979born 18 May 1890, in Greenfield, New Brunswick, wife Louise
BARBER, Lily26486Comox, BCProgress, 12 July 1972born at Trowbridge, Wiltshire, England, aged 93 years, husband William died in 1956
BARNARD, Khadijah "Kay"34260Qualicum Beach, BCStar, 29 October 1993born 20 January 1993 in Toronto, Ontario, husband Wayne, mother Isabelle Barnard, father Irwin Barnard
BARR, Andrew Gordon (Andy)33769Nanaimo, BCStar, 19 June 1992born 13 November 1916 in Vancouver, BC, wife Joan
BARRITT, Herbert?Nanaimo, BCProgress, 27 February 1952born in Ely Cambridgeshire, England, wife Lorna
BARRON, Robert33722?Star, 08 May 1992aged 71 years, wife Marion
BASTERRECHEA, Apolonia24361Vancouver, BCProgress, 14 September 1966born 09 February 1889 in Basque Phyreness, husband Gregory died in 1948
BATES, George Percy33963?Star, 31 December 1992in his 78th year, wife of 53 years Gwen, born in Vancouver, BC
BAUDAIS, Leon M.26336Errington, BCProgress, 16 February 1972aged 90 years, wife Alice
BAXTER, Jane24646Nanaimo, BCProgress, 05 July 1967aged 91 years, buried in Errington Cemetery
BAYLIS, Elizabeth Ruby33781Parksville, BCStar, 03 July 1992born 06 May 1897 in Dauphin, Manitoba, husband Arthur died 14 years ago
BEADNELL, Mildred Louisa33557?Star, 22 November 1991aged 79
BEATON, Donald Morrison34380?News, 22 February 1994born 13 September 1913 in New Westminster, BC, wife Constance
BEATON, William Grant19900?Progress, 30 June 1954born in Quebec, aged 77 years
BEAUCHAMP, Raymond Marius34275Nanaimo, BCStar, 12 November 1993born 25 June 1918 in Cheneville, Quebec, second wife Emily, first wife Victoria died in 1971
BEAUDETTE, Francis Xavier27768Nanaimo, BCProgress, 14 January 1976born in Quebec City, Quebec, in 1907, aged 91 years, wife Cled
BEAULAC, Therese33841French Creek, BCStar, 04 September 1992born 25 May 1925 in Victoria, Saskatchewan, aged 67 years, husband Marcel
BECK, Olga26935?Progress, 11 October 1973aged 68 years, car accident
BECQUE, Jennie Baldwin22193Big Qualicum, BCProgress, 05 October 1960born at Festinog, Wales, husband Joseph
BEDFORD, Jesse34238Parksville, BCNews, 05 October 1993in his 94th year, wife May died in 1991
BEGLEY, George Warner (Barney)28056Nanaimo, BCProgress, 03 November 1976born at Dungannon, Ontario, aged 86 years, wife Camilla
BEHAN, Constance Marlene27967Nanaimo, BCProgress, 04 August 1976born in Port Alberni, aged 19 years, husband Robert, father William White, grandparents Mrs. Francis McMillan and Mr. Roy Burdett
BELL, Frank W.23510Victoria, BCProgress, 20 May 1964born in Sheffield, England, wife M. Bell
BENNER, William Herbert34048Parksville, BCStar, 26 March 1993born 18 March 1925 in Nelson Twp. Ontario, wife Marlienne
BENNETT, David Lindsay33502?Star, 27 September 1991aged 22 years, parents Bill and Ann Bennett, grandmother Edith Bennett
BENNETT, Paul17768Nanoose, BCProgress, 01 September 1948aged 77 years, buried in Nanaimo, BC
BENSON, Caroline?Taupo, New ZealandProgress, 25 June 1969nee Young, aged 23 years, mother Peggy Young
BENTLEY, Beatrice34328?News, 04 January 1994 & Star, 07 January 1994aged 96 years, husband William
BERGSTROM, Dorothy H.34464Victoria, BCNews, 17 May 1994 & Star, 20 May 1994husband of 47 years is Russell
BERISFORD, Ada Rosina (Rose)34319?Star, 30 December 1993aged 91 years, husband Walter
BERKELEY, Raymond27541?Progress, 04 June 1975born at Comox, BC, aged 51 years, wife Dorothy
BERKELEY, Shirley34015?Star, 19 February 1993nee MacMillan, husband Dan
BERNARD, George Morton22066French Creek, BCProgress, 08 June 1960 & Progress, 01 June 1960aged 86 years, wife Jessie, born in Dublin Ireland, aged 86 years, father W. L. Bernard
BERNARD, Jessie22744Langford, BCProgress, 11 April 1962born in Clitheroe, Lancashire, England, aged 86 years, husband George M. Bernard died in 1960, brothers Hubert G. and Julian Mitchell
BERRY, Florence H.22731Mary's Priory, Langford, BCProgress, 28 March 1962born in Yarmouth, England, aged 84 years, husband Robert Berry
BERRY, Morris26299Valley View Hospital, Vancouver AreaProgress, 12 January 1972born in United States, aged 92 years, wife Margaret
BEUSELINCK, Mary Thelma34212Nanaimo, BCNews, 07 September 1993 & Star, 03 September 1993husband Marcel, brother Cyril Patterson, born in Winnipeg
BEWELEY, Adeila Mabel28109Victoria, BCProgress, 22 December 1976aged 91 years, husband John Alexander Dewley
BIGGS, Albert George34086Nanaimo, BCNews, 04 May 1993born 15 December 1913 in Glenavon, Saskatchewan, wife Carrie
BIHUN, Gerald Alfred26929Valemont, BCProgress, 03 October 1973born at Winnipeg, Manitoba, aged 29 years, wife Linda, mother Helen, grandmother Mrs. S. Mistal
BISHOP, Margaret Ewart??News, 12 April 1994 & Star, 07 April 1994born 01 October 1899 in Glasgow, Scotland, husband Frank died in 1983, buried in North Vancouver Cemetery
BJORNSON, Georgina L.26427Nanaimo, BCProgress, 17 May 1972born in Alberta, aged 72 years, husband Bjorn died in 1963
BLACK, Bessie33545Chilliwack, BCStar, 22 November 1991nee Brown, aged 80, born 18 February 1911 in Edmonton, Alberta, husband Albert died in 1976
BLAKE, Ada Roxanna20946Cobble Hill, BCProgress, 08 May 1957aged 78 years, born in St. Thomas, Ontario
BLAKEMORE, William Lawley??Progress, 28 May 1969wife Winifred, daughter Geraldine Moore, sister Ada Pigott
BLANCHETTE, Alfred J.28876Nanaimo, BCProgress, 31 January 1979born 03 October 1882 in Quebec, wife Marie died in 1959
BLAS, Alexander34455Nanaimo, BCNews, 10 May 1994born 03 February 1919 at Extension, BC, wife Isobel
BLEAKLEY, Roger Dawson, Dr.33889Nanaimo, BCStar, 23 October 1992born at Dinsmore, Saskatchewan, was 64 years old, wife Wilma
BLEWETT, Gordon Edward26406Rock Bay, BCProgress, 26 April 1972born at Duncan, BC, aged 35 years, wife Julie, father G. W. Blewett, grandfather H. A. Chaytor
BLOOM, Charles22262Nanaimo, BCProgress, 21 December 1960born in England, aged 81 years, wife Mary died 25 December 1958
BLOOM, Josephine Gardiner (Joyce)28664Nanaimo, BCProgress, 28 June 1978born in Newcastle on Tyne, England, aged 70 years, husband John
BLOWER, Lizzie20966?Progress, 29 May 1957aged 76 years, born in Staffordshire , England, husband Percival Reginald Blower
BLOWER, Mrs.19154Port Alberni, BCProgress, 11 June 1952
BLUMBERG, Betty Jean33999Qualicum Beach, BCStar, 05 February 1993born 25 December 1928 in Ft. William, Ontario, husband Jack, brother Bill McLennan
BLUMBERG, John Arnold "Jack"34234Qualicum Beach, BCStar, 01 October 1993 & Star, 28 September 1993born 30 January 1927 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, wife Betty
BOCKMAN, Charles Arthur27959Nanaimo, BCProgress, 28 July 1976born in London, England in 1902, aged 73 years, wife Daisy
BODDY, Jack S.28986Victoria, BCProgress, 16 May 1979born in Manitoba, aged 86 years, wife Mabel
BOHAYCHUK, Lena27237Parksville, BCProgress, 31 July 1974born in Ukraine, aged 71 years, husband William
BONAR, William Love23524Nanaimo, BCProgress, 03 June 1964born in Westfield, Scotland, 88 years of age, wife Mary
BONESKY, Glen Martin28099?Progress, 15 December 1976born in Medicine Hat, Alberta, aged 29 years, father Arnold Bonesky, grandfather Robert Ratcliffe
BONNELL, Jean Isobel34035?Star, 12 March 1993husband Frederick, nee Stewart
BOORMAN, Elsie May34445?News, 03 May 1994born 15 April 1914 in Hilliers Crossing, BC, parents Sameul Edward and Elsie Bond, husband Harold died 12 March 1987
BOORMAN, Joseph James (Jim)33565Nanaimo, BCStar, 06 December 1991born in England, 87 years of age, wife Jessie died in 1977
BOOTH, Hubert Hellowell22892Nanaimo, BCProgress, 05 September 1962born in Bredbury, Chester, England, aged 77 years, wife Hazel
BORLESKI, Raymond Carl28092Nanaimo, BCProgress, 01 December 1976born in Wisconsin, USA, aged 76 years, wife Jane (Florence Yorston)
BORSTEL, Fred Herbert27234?Progress, 31 July 1974born at Glembiz, Germany, aged 70 years, fishing accident, wife Elizabeth
BORTNYK, William?Campbell River, BCProgress, 09 January 1957aged 60, wife Anna deceased
BOURNE, Samuel Alphonse28858Nanaimo, BCProgress, 17 January 1979born in Yorkshire, England, in his 84th year, wife Madge
BOVAIRD, Alexander23253Nanaimo, BCProgress, 04 September 1963born in Donegal County, Ireland, aged 82 years, wife Isabella
BOWMAN, Ruth34099Port Alberni, BCNews, 18 May 1993aged 77 years, born in Edmonton, Alberta, husband Peter,
BOYD, Earl John34454Nanaimo, BCStar, 06 May 1994 & 13 May 1994aged 70 years, wife of 43 years is Jean
BOYD, John Moorhead25324Hilliers, BCProgress, 07 May 1969born at Vallynahuich, Ireland, aged 78 years
BOYD, Robert Doloughan28867Nanaimo, BCProgress, 17 January 1979born in Belfast, Ireland, aged 78 years, wife Sadie-May died in 1972
BOYES, George34279Nanaimo, BCStar, 12 November 1993 & News, 16 November 1993born 16 March 1904 in Collingwood, Ontario, wife of 61 years Myrtle
BRAND, Catherine33681Parksville, BCStar, 27 March 1992aged 93 years, husband William died in 1968
BRAND, Edwin33547Nanaimo, BCStar, 15 November 1991aged 82 years, wife Bella
BRANDON, James Street DeCam33509?Star, 04 October 1991aged 80 years, wife Norma
BRANKLEY, Grace Evelyn33544Nanaimo, BCStar, 08 November 1991born 26 May 1906 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, husband William,brother Robbert Hannam
BRENTON, Frank Mearle33927Parksville, BCStar, 27 November 1992born 13 September 1931 at Lethbridge, Alberta, wife Keren
BRETT, George Robert?Nanaimo, BCProgress, 06 December 1972aged 66 years, wife Beryl
BRIDGER, Hilda24355?Progress, 14 September 1966in her 84th year, daughter Mrs. Elly Mayfield
BRIGDEN, Jack Frederick33930?Star, 04 December 1992born 17 April 1920, wife Joan (nee Nicolls) died in February 1992
BRIGDEN, Joan Gladys33656Qualcium Beach, BCStar, 06 March 1992 & 28 February 1992brother John P. R. Nicolls died 1973, husband Jack F.
BRIGGS, Arthur E.34492Port Alberni, BCNews, 14 June 1994 & Star, 17 June 1994aged 64 years, wife Eileen (Lyle)
BRIMACOMBE, Cyril26442Nanaimo, BCProgress, 31 May 1972born in Devonshire, England, aged 48 years, wife Marjorie
BRISFORD, Ada Rosina (Rose)34319?Star, 23 December 1993aged 91 years, husband Walter deceased, brother Frank White
BRITTAIN, Arthur Hubert34048Nanaimo, BCStar, 26 March 1993 and News, 23 March 199391 years old, born in England, wife Annie
BROAD, Constance28642?Progress, 21 June 1978husband William
BROAD, William (Bill)29010?Progress, 13 June 1979wife Constance died 01 June 1978
BROOKS, Charles Edward22620Nanaimo, BCProgress, 13 December 1961born at Oshawa, Ontario, aged 84 years, wife Agnes Jane died in 1954 (died after falling down the stairs)
BROWN, Christina Daisy?Port Alberni, BCProgress, 06 January 1971born in London, England, in her 68th year, husband Alex
BROWN, Henry George34018Nanaimo, BCStar, 26 February 1993born 05 January 1904, wife Rose
BROWN, Peter C.23857Nanaimo, BC23867born in Bathgate, Scotland, aged 66 years, wife Mabel
BROWN, Robert James Oliver (Jock)34044Qualicum Bay, BCStar, 26 March 1993born 01 April 1914 in Norham upon Tweed, wife Wilhelmina
BROWN, Winnifred Margaret08 December, BCParksville, BCProgress, 20 December 1972born in Toronto, Ontario, aged 86 years, husband Dr. Hubert A. W. Brown died in 1950
BRUCE, George34006Nanaimo, BCStar, 12 February 1993wife Edna
BRUDER, John H. (Jack)34004Nanaimo, BCStar, 26 February 1993aged 79 years, born 21 April 1913, wife Jeanne
BRYDONE-JACK, Margaret L. Mary22412Vancouver, BCProgress, 17 May 1961husband Dr. F. W. Brydone-Jack, brother Dr. john F. Walker
BRYSON, Mrs.24310Nanaimo, BCProgress, 27 July 1966aged 51 years, husband Frank
BUCK, F. T.?Vancouver, BCProgress, 15 June 1966in her 75th year, husband Walter F. Buck deceased, brother Denis O'Neill
BUCKOWSKI, Louis Martin33636Qualicum Beach, BCStar, 07 February 1992born 14 February 1912 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, wife Kathleen
BULLOCK, Joseph Henry27238Nanaimo, BCPro gress, 31 July 1974born at Derby County, England, aged 91 years, wife Annie died in 1966
BURDEN, Albert Ernest27762?Progress, 14 January 1976born at Brandon, Manitoba, aged 62 years, wife Wilma
BURGESS, William Earl22402?Progress, 17 May 1961aged 61, wife Alma
BURGOYNE, Harry25322Nanaimo, BCProgress, 09 April 1969born at Leeds, England, aged 67 years, wife Celia
BURMEISTER, Agnes Phyllis34474Parksville, BCStar, 27 May 1994 & News, 31 May 1994born 04 September 1901 in Oxbow, Saskatchewan, husband Max died in 1943
BURNAND, Audrey??Progress, 09 June 1971aged 71 years, brother Laurie Morine
BURNS, Robert33801Nanaimo, BCStar, 24 July 1992age 75 years, wife Agnes, parents Robert and Annie Burns
BUSCHLEN, Arthur Amos34093Penticton, BCNews, 08 June 199389 years old
BUSHAW, Arnold William26950Qualicum Beach, BCProgress, 17 October 1973born at Marquette, Michigan, aged 68 years, wife Irene
BUTLER, Arther Holme26549Nanaimo, BCProgress, 13 September 1972born at Victoria, BC, aged 47 years, wife Marie
BUTLER, Jean33942Nanaimo, BCStar, 11 December 1993born 21 July 1917 in Hilliers, BC
BUTTON, Randall John34457Parksville, BCNews, 10 May 1994 & Star, 13 May 1994aged 26 years, father Ron Button, mother Margo Bartlett, grandfather Gordon Bartlett, grandparents Hidla and Harold Button
CALDER, Victor Guy Carleton33994?Star, 05 February 1993born 19 November 1916 in Fort Frances, Ontario, wife of 52 years is Agnes
CALLOW, Charles David28063Prince Rupert, BCProgress, 10 November 1976born on Quadra Island, BC, aged 50, died while fishing
CALLOW, Sadie Louise28065Nanaimo, BCProgress, 10 November 1976born on Quadra Island, BC, aged 74 years, husband Charles died in 1967, son Charles David Callow died 2 days previous
CAMERON, Marion May34422?News, 12 April 1994born 03 January 1919 in Brandon, Manitobahusband Ross died in 1991
CAMERON, Victor Stuart33567Nanaimo, BCStar, 06 December 1991aged 74 years, wife Dorothy, born in 1917 in Carlton Place
CAMPBELL, Annie22584Langford, BCProgress, 01 November 1961aged 77 years, husband C. E. Campbell
CAMPBELL, Elizabeth (Betty)28898Qualicum, BCProgress, 21 February 1979born in Manitoba, aged 55, husband Bertbrother Harry Watson
CAPEWELL, Gerald Kenneth (Ken)33621Nanaimo, BCStar, 31 January 1992born 17 July 1919 in Liverpool, England, wife Judy
CARBREY, Thelma M.34433Burnaby, BCNews, 19 April 1994husband Hugh
CARTER, John27773Nanaimo, BCProgress, 21 January 1976born in Lancashire, England, aged 67 years, wife Barbara
CASTIGLIONE, Emma26382Vancouver, BCProgress, 29 March 1972born in Staffordshire, England, aged 100 years, married in 1906, husband deceased in 1968, diamond anniversary on 02 August 1966, 100th birthday was on December 11th last year, had no children
CHAISSON, Margaret Annie34450Nanaimo, BCStar, 06 May 1994 & News, 03 May 1994born 02 September 1927 in Bevan, BC, husband Leo
CHAPMAN, Lillian25929Parksville, BCProgress, 06 January 1971born at Lewiston, Montana, aged 77 years, husband Charles
CHAPPELL, Jean Elizabeth34192Nanaimo, BCStar, 20 August 1993 & News, 17 August 1993born 27 February 1927 in Vancouver, BC, husband Freed J., mother Annabelle Ruth Rutherford
CHARBONNEAU, Margaret34432?Star, 15 April 1994born 11 October 1917, husband Frank
CHARLTON, Nellie (Vicary)21952Nanaimo, BCProgress, 10 February 1960born in Wiarton, Ontario, aged 75 years
CHASE, Ben??Progress, 11 October 1973born at Hollenwood, England, aged 85 years, nephew Rev. Tilley
CHATTELL, Janetta Errol33627?Star, 31 January 1992aged 81 years, husband Alf died in 1973
CHAVARIE, "Jesse" Jean Baptiste34113Chilliwack, BCNews, 01 June 1993born 28 May 1929 in Rogersville, New Brunswick, 1st wife Vera, 2nd wife Muriel
CHAVARIE, Vera Wanda33789Nanaimo, BCStar, 17 July 1992born 26 November 1925 in Poland, husband Jesse
CHRISTENSEN, Judith Anne34171Victoria, BCStar, 30 July 1993born 13 April 1946 in Port Alberni, BC, nee Deugau, parents Gordon Stanley and Viola Marie Deugau
CLARK, Anna May Roswell26581Errington, BCProgress, 12 October 1972born at McLennan, Ontario, aged 74 years, husband Harold
CLARKE, David20849Nitnat Lake, BCProgress, 06 February 1957born in Hilliers, BC, aged 26 years, logging accident, father Richard Clarke
CLARKE, Hazel33504Parksville, BCStar, 04 October 1991aged 82 years, husband William
CLARKE, Randolph James26958Nanaimo, BCProgress, 24 October 1973born at Centreville, New Brunswick, aged 82 years, wife Margaret died in 1954
CLARKE, Russell33645Nanaimo, BCStar, 21 February 1992wife of 50 years Edith
CLAUDET, Ethel J. H.22713Nanaimo, BCProgress, 14 March 1962born near Runcorn, Lancashire, England, aged 80 years, not married
CLAYTON, Florence Kate??Progress, 13 January 1971aged 88 years
CLAYTON, William B. (Bill)34001Parksville, BCStar, 12 February 1993aged 81 years, wife Peggy
CLEASBY, Marion Dale34337?News, 25 January 1994husband of 52 years Kenneth
CLEVERLY, Francis Edward George (Ted)28881?Progress, 07 February 1979aged 68 years, wife Margaret
CLYDE, James22510Nanoose Bay, BCProgress, 23 August 1961born at Glasgow, Scotland, aged 57 years
COATES, Thomas20816Nanaimo, BCProgress, 03 January 1957from Seaforth, Scotland, aged 82 years, wife Emma
COCHRANE, Percival Moore22652Powell River, BCProgress, 10 January 1962
COLE, Arnold Raymond25358Parksville, BCProgress, 18 June 1969born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, aged 64, wife May Violet died 10 days ago
COLLINS, Randolph Patrick33742Bowser, BCStar, 29 May 1992born 21 March 1945 in Orilla, Ontario
COLLINS, Ted Stephen33971Nanaimo, BCStar, 08 January 1993born 19 February 1919 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, wife Eileen
CONNELLY, Maud33908Nanaimo, BCStar, 06 November 1992born 19 January 1911 in Coal Creek, BC, parents Sarah and Thomas Beattie
COOK, Benjamin23539Errington, BCProgress, 17 June 1964aged 80 years, born in Kent, England, no surviving family members
COOK, Lizzie (Lily)34008Nanaimo, BCStar, 12 February 1993age of 87 years
COOKE, Gwendlyn Edith Violet??Progress, 29 June 1960husband Rev. A. E. Cooke
COOKMAN, Sarah Eliza26370?Progress, 22 March 1972born at London, England, aged 86 years, husband John
COOPER, John B. (Beattie)26261Nanaimo, BCProgress, 01 December 1971born at Basswood, Manitoba, wife Thelma
COOTES, Raymond Robert26432Nanoose Bay, BCProgress, 17 May 1972aged 19 years, traffic accident
COPELAND, Wellington Switzer??Progress, 06 December 1967aged 54 years, wife Edna, brother Russell Copeland
COPLIN, Joseph (Joe)34351Vernon, BCNews, 25 January 1994aged 71 years, wife Jackie
CORFIELD, Earnest C.26501Nanaimo, BCProgress, 26 July 1972born at Cowichan Bay, BC, in his 85th year, wife Muriel
CORNELL, Cecil Arthur22693Nanaimo, BCProgress, 21 February 1962born at Thetford, Norfolk, England, aged 82 years, wife Honora
CORRIGALL, Elsie?Victoria, BCProgress, 08 June 1960husband Clyde, brother Harold H. Hayes
COTTRELL, W. H.??Progress, 15 June 1955born in England, aged 79 years, son Arthur Cottrell in Parksville
COURTNEY, Lucy Georgina20923Errington, BCProgress, 17 April 1957born at Buckhurst, Essex, England, aged 79 yaers, married Bernard in Fort William
COWLES, Clare34314Duncan, BCNews, 21 December 1993born at Fertile, Saskatchewan, 71 years of age, wife Verna,
COX, Hugh Spencer34209Victoria, BCStar, 03 September 1993aged 86 years, wife Mina
COY, Reginald33969?Star, 08 January 1993wife the Late Lilly Coy
COYSH, Reginald R.??Progress, 30 September 1964born in Devon, England, wife Iva
CRACK, Mabel Eliza?Nanaimo, BCProgress, 05 June 1957aged 67 years, husband Thomas, brothers Peter and Lawrence Lupton
CRAIG, Elizabeth Ann?Cobble Hill, BCProgress, 26 June 1957aged 84 years, husband Robert Craig, born in Cornwall, England, father Robert Tippert, married Robert Craig at age 20 (23 September 1893 in Parksville), Mr Craig died about 27 years ago
CRAIG, Henrietta Elizabeth?Delta, BCProgress, 21 December 1960aged 80
CRAIG, James Wood22456Parksville, BCProgress, 28 June 1961 & 05 July 1961aged 89 years, born in Stonehaven, Scotland, wife Elizabeth
CRIPPS, Herbert McKenzie34194Nanaimo, BCNews, 17 August 1993aged 83 years, wife Clara
CRISS, Nelson Arinolda22184Qualicum, BCProgress, 28 September 1960born in Missouri, USA, aged 79 years, visiting from Blue River, BC, wife Margaret
CROCKETT, Wilfred George33858Nanaimo, BCStar, 18 September 1992born 11 November 1908 in London, England
CROMBIE, John Alexander33961Nanaimo, BCStar, 08 January 1993aged 76 years, wife Lee
CRONK, Edward Gordon33745Parksville, BCStar, 29 May 1992born 23 March 1920 in Cumberland, BC, wife Ruby died in 1989
CROSBY, Donald33553Nanaimo, BCStar, 22 November 1991born 16 January 1929 in Revelstoke, BC, wife Joyce, father Victor, mother-in-law Tora
CROSS, Frederick22920Victoria, BCProgress, 10 October 1962born in Liverpool, Enlgand, aged 87 years, wife Eliza
CROSS, Harold Cecil34159Parksville, BCStar, 16 July 1993born 03 April 1899 in Bournemouth, England, wife Martha
CROSSLEY, Edward22711Nanaimo, BCProgress, 07 March 1962 & 14 March 1962born at Todmorden, Lancastershire, England, aged 76 years, wife Catherine
CROWE, Albert George24230?Progress, 11 May 1966aged 81 years, wife Doreen
CROWLEY, Roy23508Nanaimo, BCProgress, 13 May 1964born at St. Johns, Newfoundland, aged 59 years, wife Ruby
CROWLEY, Vivian Isabel34329Nanaimo, BCNews, 04 January 1994 & Star, 07 January 1994husband Bill
CUSHING, Margaret Ramsay Gardner28056?Progress, 03 November 1976born in Edinburgh, Scotland aged 56 years, husband Paul
DANIEL, Elizabeth (Anne)33811?Star, 31 August 1992husband Howard, mother Rosa Davidson
DANIEL, Hugh Leslie28884Nanaimo, BCProgress, 07 February 1979born in Kincade, Saskatchewan, aged 65 years, wife Louise
DAOUST, Mary Rena34037?Newshusband Emery,
DARROCH, Jack Harrison33946Nanaimo, BCStar, 18 December 1992born 21 October 1926 in Palmerston, Ontario, wife Ingrid
DAVIDSON, Frank Calhoun34222Nanaimo, BCStar 17 September 1993 & Star 24 September 1993born 05 July 1910 in Albert County, New Brunswick, first wife Ruth, second wife Maxine
DAVIDSON, Hannah22260Qualicum Beach, BCProgress, 21 December 1960born at Black Diamond, Washington, USA, aged 73 years. husband William George
DAVIDSON, Mary22690?Progress, 21 February 1962aged 85 years, husband Dr. Campbell Davidson deceased, brother James Motherwell
DAVIES, Margaret Joyce33900Parksville, BCStar, 30 October 1992born 03 February 1911 in Nelson, BC, first husband John Kirkpatrick, second husband H. B. Davies
DAVIES, Philip?OntarioProgress, 22 May 1969father Prof. Geoffrey Davies
DAVIES, Tammy Lynn33873Vancouver, BCStar, 23 October 1992born 15 November 1967 in Nanaimo, BC, parents Bill and Marilyn (Mickey) Davies
DAVIS, Blanche Evaline34374Port Alberni, BCNews, 15 February 1994 & Star, 18 February 1994born 18 June 1905 in Black Duck, Minnesota, USA, husband Earl died in 1983, brother Alvin Brong
DAVIS, Matthew Percy27136Nanaimo, BCProgress, 08 May 1974born in Ontario, aged 85 years, wife Rhoda
DAWSON, Charles Edward33492?Star, 20 September 1991born in Nanaimo, BC, wife Jean
DAWSON, Henry29048Nanaimo, BCProgress, 18 July 1979born in Nanaimo, BC, aged 84 years, wife Annie died in 1974
DEJONG, John Gerardus26415Parksville, BCProgress, 03 May 1972born in Holland, aged 71 years, wife Anna
DELEAU, Octave (Tiny)33678?Star, 20 March 1992aged 74, wife Rose
DELORIE, Albert Henry33905Nanaimo, BCStar, 06 November 1992born 13 October 1916 in Pictou, Nova Scotia, wife Hazel
DEMPSTER, Helen34442Comox, BCStar, 29 April 1994born in Scotland, age 76 years, husband William
DENNY, Mary?Naramata, BCProgress, 25 May 1966husband Arthur DeCourcey Denny, father General Noel E. Money, born at Culmington Manor Shropshire, England
DEROOS, Constance34447Nanaimo, BCStar, 29 April 1994born 07 March 1933 in Zeist, Holland, husband Jan
DEVITT, Evelyn Alena34183Campbell River, BCStar, 13 August 1993 & News, 10 August 1993born 09 January 1930 in Parksville, husband Ed
DICKINSON, Esther Sutherland (Perky)27542?Progress, 04 June 1975born in Edinburgh, Scotland, aged 68 years, husband Wilfred
DIEWERT, Fernand (Fred)?Lasqueti Island, BCProgress, 28 September 1960aged 62 years
DIGNAN, Edna Mary??Progress, 29 June 1966born in Cobble Hill, BC in 1900, husband William J. Dignan deceased, father Frank Verdier
DILL, Lillian A.33954?Star, 05 March 1993memorial held in Qualicum 10 March 1993.
DILWORTH, Anna Elizabeth34493Nanaimo, BCNews, 21 June 1994born 01 January 1914 in Victoria, BC
DIRKS, Lillian Frances26585?Progress, 25 October 1972brothers Ronald and Raymond Nicklin or Micklin
DOCKENDORFF, Chesley Daniel33733?Star, 15 May 1992born 01 September 1909 in Boston, Mass., wife Hazel
DODDS, George Thomas34266Qualicum Beach, BCNews, 02 November 1993in his 81st year, wife Kay died July 1988, born in Thessalon, Ontario
DODS, Irma Joan34315Port Alberni, BCStar, 17 December 1993 & News, 21 December 1993born in Unity, Saskatchewan, 67 years old, husband Albertbrother Karl Knutson
DOEHLE, Albert Herman25807Nanaimo, BCProgress, 02 September 1970born in Bremen, Germany, aged 85 years, wife Meta (Gaetjen)
DOGGETT, Beverly Anne34284Nanaimo, BCStar, 19 November 1993 & News, 16 November 1993born 12 April 1953 in Beaverlodge, Alberta, husband Ken, father Roy Brown
DOMBROWSKI, Lillian33699Nanaimo, BCStar, 10 April 1992aged 75 years, husband of 50 years Henry
DOMEY, Conrad Ellis26094Surrey, BCProgress, 30 June 1971aged 85
DOMOVICH, Mary33610Port Alberni, BCStar, 17 January 199289 years old, husband Martin died in 1975
DONALD, John Brown22633Nanaimo, BCProgress, 04 January 1962
DOUGAN, Hazel Alline26472Nanaimo, BCProgress, 21 June 1972born at Malone, Florida, USA, aged 71 years, father J. C. Wilson, husband John
DOUGAN, Henry28989?Progress, 16 May 1979born on 25 June 1898 in Barrhill, Scotland, wife Edna
DOUGAN, John Dougan33932Parksville, BCStar, 04 December 1992born 20 November 1899 in Bar Hill, Scotland, aged 93 years, father Henry, mother Elizabeth, married Hazel Wilson in 1922, wife Hazel died on 22 June 1972
DOUMONT, Edith28891New Westminster, BCProgress, 07 February 1979born in Nanaimo, BC, aged 74 years, husband Andrew died in 1957, brother John McKenzie
DOYLE, Alfred26386?Progress, 05 April 1972aged 58, wife Rolande
DRAKE, Emma17860Cobble Hill, BCProgress, 01 December 1948aged 84 years, husband Captain James W. Drake died in 1928
DREVENY, Frank Roderick33940Nanoose, BCStar, 11 December 1992aged 79 years, wife Lorna
DREW, George Arthur26544Nanaimo, BCProgress, 07 September 1972born at Nanoose Bay, BC age 72 years, wife Jennie
DRUMMOND, Lorne Robert "Lefty"34467Nanaimo, BCNews, 14 June 1994in his 66th year, wife Shirley
DRUMMOND, Lorne Robert (Lefty)34467Nanaimo, BCNews, 17 May 1994in his 66th year, wife Shirley
DUBE, Henri34144Nanaimo, BCNews, 06 July 1993wife Connie,
DUFF, Sydney22267Nanaimo, BCProgress, 21 December 1960born in Arkansas, USA, aged 48 years, wife Susie
DUKE, Phyllis34097Star, 14 May 1993 and News, 18 May 1993aged 63, husband Ken, nee Cripps
DUNCAN, Jean Loreena33928?Star, 04 December 1992nee Young, husband David
DUNLOP, Douglas Vernon25414Victoria, BCProgress, 06 August 1969aged 76 years, daughter Gillian, wife Phillis
DUNLOP, Helen McLennan34038Parksville, BCNews & Star, 19 March 1993born 01 October 1913 in Armstrong, BC, moved to Vancouver Isl. in 1945, brother Frank Maundrell
DUNN, Samuel Alexander Ross23515Nanaimo, BCProgress, 20 May 1964aged 61 years, wife Blanche
DYDE, John Albert34074?News, 20 April 1993 & Star, 23 April 1993born 24 June 1902 in England, wife Peggy, funeral in Qualicum Beach.
DYER, Treatrice Gladys Flora27973Nanaimo, BCProgress, 11 August 1976born in Nesterville, Ontario, aged 50 years, husband Alber6t, brother Malcolm Tullock
EAGLE, Winnifred Emma27933Nanoose Bay, BCProgress, 30 June 1976born in England, aged 85 years, husband James died in 1963
EATON, Ethel Surtees?Nanaimo, BCProgress, 06 December 1972aged 90 years, married in England to Samuel, he died in 1954
EATON, J.P. Mrs.22184Port Alberni, BCProgress, 28 September 1960aged 57 years, injured in car crash, husband Jack Pearce Eaton
EDEN, Lesley Maureen33718Vancouver, BCStar, 01 May 1992husband John, parents Wes & Mary Beese
EDWARDS, Charles Woodrow34253Qualicum Beach, BCStar, 22 October 1993 & News, 19 October 1993born 10 February 1945 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, U.S.A., wife Linda, father Charles Woodrow Edwards
EDWARDS, Graham Harold (Eddie)33800?Star, 24 July 1992born 30 January 1924, wife of 45 years Mae
EDWARDS, Lillian Grace22069Nanaimo, BCProgress, 08 June 1960born in Cambridge, England, 82 years of age, husband Geoffrey Lloyd Edwards died in 1946
ELDER, Winnifred Phyllis Mary (Wyn)34253Sechelt, BCNews, 19 October 1993born 18 March 1903, nee Lea, husband Keith Forrester Elder died in 1967
ELLETT, Thelma Margaret Jane34264Parksville, BCNews, 02 November 1993born 17 April 1914 in Waldeck, Saskatchewan, husband William Vernon died in August 1993
ELLETT, William Vernon34182?News, 10 August 1993 & Star, 13 August 1993aged 88 years, father Fred Ellett, wife Thelma
ELLIOT, William Alexander?Vancouver, BCProgress, 10 April 1957aged 91
ELLIOTT, Alistair James33644Nanaimo, BCStar, 21 February 1992aged 76, doctor, first wife Marjorie deceased, second wife Shirley
ELLIOTT, Joyce Anita34039?Star, 19 March 1993age 69, husband Ronald Murry Elliott
ELLIS, John Parkes28295Victoria, BCProgress, 29 June 1977wife Mary died 15 July 1976
EMBERG, Mary Martha25290Nanaimo, BCProgress, 02 April 1969born in Muskoka, Ontario, nee Messer, aged 72 years
ERICKSON, Eric28055Nanaimo, BCProgress, 03 November 1976born in Wennersborg, Sweden, aged 80 years, wife Mildred
EVANS, Donald34233?Star, 01 October 1993 & News, 05 October 1993wife Florence
EVANS, Ray34047Comox, BCStar, 26 March 1993born 24 June 1913 in Springside, Saskatchewan, wife Betty
EVERITT, Walter34287?Star, 19 November 1993born 14 June 1932 in Portsmouth, England, 61 years of age, wife Derry
EWING, Eileen Sheila28091Victoria, BCProgress, 01 December 1976born 28 November 1916 in Parksville, BC, husband David Reid, brothers George Eric and Cyril Lee Bernard
FABRICK, Donald Roy09 Ocotber 1993Mayorthorpe, AlbertaStar, 22 October 1993born in Flathead County, Montana on 1 July 1915, wife Bertha
FABRICK, Gertrude34083News, 04 May 1993 and Star, 30 April 1993born 05 April 1902 in Portage La Praire, Manitoba, husband LeClaire
FAIRES, John J. (Jack)28857?Progress, 24 January 1979 & article in Progress, 17 January 1979born in Czechoslovakia, aged 76, wife Margaret died in 1971
FAMILTON, Thomas William34415Nanaimo, BCStar, 25 March 1994born in England, aged 76 years, wife Dorothy
FAULDER, J. Murray34288Nanaimo, BCNews, 23 November 1993 & Star, 26 November 1993born 22 July 1920 in Cockermouth, England, age 73 years, wife of 50 years Velma
FEDIW, Peter33855?Star, 18 September 1992age 62 years, wife Helen
FEE, Bernard John33617?Star, 24 January 1992aged 35 years, parents Rae & Solveig
FERRARI, James26523Nanaimo, BCProgress, 16 August 1972born at Falmenta, Province of Novora, Italy, aged 81 years, wife Mary
FEUERSENGER, Monica Eva34166Nanaimo, BCStar, 23 July 1993 & News, 27 July 1993born 18 December 1961 in Nanaimo, mother Eva
FIELD, Chuck33834Nanaimo, BCStar, 14 August 1992aged 52 years, wife Yvonne
FIELD, Edwin34094Nanaimo, BCNews, 11 May 1993 and Star, 14 May 1993of Qualicum Beach, was 85 years of age.
FILLINGER, Alfred Carl26961Nanaimo, BCProgress, 31 October 1973born in Norway, in his 81st year, wife Mildred
FILLINGER, George Alexander27965Victoria, BCProgress, 04 August 1976born in Vancouver, BC aged 60 years, wife Lucille
FINHOLM, Victor Conrad26106Nanaimo, BCProgress, 30 June 1971born at Eugmo, Jakobstad, Finland, aged 79 years, wife Helen
FINNIE, Charles Andrew34349?Star, 28 January 1994born in Kamsack, Saskatchewan in 1911, wife Helen
FLITTON, Fay34130?Star, 18 June 1993born 1911 in Bellingham, U.S.A., nee Massey, husband Frank
FORAN, Francis Hugh (Frank)??Progress, 28 May 1969wife Alicia, son Joe
FORD, Frederick Luke26485Nanaimo, BCProgress, 12 July 1972born at Birmingham, England, aged 73 years, wife Elizabeth died in 1971
FOREST, George Guy27940Nanaimo, BCProgress, 07 July 1976born in Vernon, BC, aged 79 years, wife May
FORGET, Jean-Yves33677?Star, 27 March 1992aged 40, wife Michele, mother Elisabeth Forget
FORRESTER, R. Mrs.19147Comox, BCProgress, 04 June 1952age 65
FOSTER, Edward34488Parksville, BCStar, 10 June 1994born 23 July 1921 in North Vancouver, BC, wife Jill
FRANS, Charles34112Nanaimo, BCNews, 01 June 1993born 17 April 1915 in Putte, Belgium, wife Lea
FRASER, Jack Ivo?Nanaimo, BCProgress, 26 September 1962born at Olympia, Washington, USA, aged 71 years, wife Ada Isobel
FREDERICKSON, Cora17808?Progress, 06 October 194873 years of age, born in Marysville, Missouri
FRIESEN, Victor Henry33941Port Alberni, BCStar, 11 December 199359 years old, father John died in 1972, wife Hylda, mother Annie Friesen,
FULLERTON, Helen Isabelle (Molly)33812?33823husband William Fern Fullerton
FURNEAUX, Jean34135Nanaimo, BCNews, 22 June 199385 years old, born 30 October 1907 in South Africa, Husband Joe, brother Roy Philpot
FURNISS, Doris Margaret Helena34257Parksville, BCStar, 22 October 1993 & News, 26 October 1993born 29 April 1918 in Cavan, Ireland, husband Owen Furniss, brother Claude (Bob) Wilson
FURNISS, Owen Cecil23861Nanaimo, BCProgress, 05 May 1965wife Doris
GAGNON, Jack Robert28055?Progress, 27 October 1976born in Quebec, aged 31 years, died in highway accident, wife Brenda, step-father Paul Belair
GALLANT, Agnes May26945Nanaimo, BCProgress, 17 October 1973born at Muskoka, Ontario, aged 84 years, husband Ernest died in 1963
GALLOP, Peggy M.R.34011Errington, BCStar, 19 February 1993husband Thomas E. Gallop, parents Betty Christiansen and Jacob Froese, died in motor vehicle accident
GALLOP, Thomas E.(Tom)34011Errington, BCStar, 19 February 1993wife Peggy M.R. Gallop, mother Verna Gallop, died in motor vehicle accident.
GALLOWAY, Margaret Isabela20827Nanaimo, BCProgress, 09 January 1957from Laurencekirk, Scotland, aged 75 years, husband William
GARDINER, Lorne Singleton27815Nanaimo, BCProgress, 03 March 1976born at Coleburne, Ontario, aged 83 years, wife Annie died in 1967
GARDNER, Matthew Henry Walford25336?Progress, 28 May 1969aged 81
GARDNER, Matthew Henry Walford25336Victoria, BCProgress, 22 May 1969born at Leamington, Warwickshire, England, aged 81 years, only surviving relative is brother William
GARRETT, John Thomas22947Comox, BCProgress, 31 October 1962born in the Isle of Man, aged 87 years
GARRETT, Robert Edmond (Ted)33984?Star, 22 January 1993aged 81 years, wife of 56 years Mary
GATES, Robert Charles??Star, 22 April 1994born 21 March 1918 in Sarnia, Ontario, paretns Alexander and Annie Gates, married Inez in August 1947 in Sarnia
GATZKE, Ianne Donnell34346Nanaimo, BCNews, 18 January 1994 & Star, 21 January 1994born 29 May 1962 in Kamloops, BC, husband James, parents Don and Mugs Fisher, In-laws Rand and Diane Gatzke, grandfather Gordon Connell
GEORGE, Jennie Elizabeth (Jean)34417Victoria, BCNews, 19 April 1994aged 87 years, husband Fraser George died in 1968
GEORGE, Jennie Elizabeth (Jean)34417Victoria, BCNews, 29 March 1994aged 87 years, husband Fraser George died in 1968
GERVAIS, Hubert Joseph34248?Star, 15 October 1993born 08 April 1908 in Estevan, Saskatchewan, wife Elmira
GERVAIS, Marie Elmira33962?Star, 31 December 1992born 02 October 1919, husband of 50 years Hubert
GIBB, Mary Caroline33690Nanaimo, BCStar, 03 April 1992born in Waldo, BC, 78 years old, husband Charlie, parents Gustave & Emily Wirtanen
GIBBS, Arthur Robert26640Nanaimo, B. C.Progress, 13 December 1972born at Blairstown, New Jersey, USA, aged 83 years
GIBBS, David William26298Qualicum Beach, BCProgress, 12 January 1972born in Vancouver, BC, aged 65 years, wife Eleanor
GIBSON, Sheila Isobel Coral28030Nanoose Bay, BCProgress, 06 October 1976born in Kotagiri, India, aged 76 years, husband F.J.P. Gibson died in 1942
GILBERT, Jean Luc33591Nanaimo, BCStar, 24 December 1991born at St. Monique, Quebec, aged 54 years, wife Fleurette
GILCHRIST, Neil Drew33709?Star, 24 April 1992aged 78, wife Alma
GILLAN, Margaret Isobel (Peggy)26955Nanaimo, BCProgress, 24 October 1973born at Londonderry, Ireland, aged 90, brother Fred Gallaher
GIMNES, Ragnvald34271Nanaimo, BCNews, 09 November 1993born 19 May 1919 in Waldeck, Saskatchewan, wife Emily
GITTINS, Denis Campbell Livingston33970Nanaimo, BCStar, 08 January 1993born 25 July 1919 in Vera, Argentina, wife Dorothy
GLASSFORD, R. J. (Bob)26399Victoria, BCProgress, 19 April 1972aged 74 years, wife Margaret
GLENN, Florence Ethel20833Parksville, BCProgress, 16 January 1957born in Dover, Tenn., USA, aged 74 years, husband Eben L. Glenn
GLOVER, Barbara Anne33765Nanaimo, BCStar, 19 June 1992born 14 April 1937 in Kenora, Ontario, husband Don, brother Doug Peabody
GOBLE, Esther Matilda34371?News, 22 February 1994born in Sweden, husband Joseph
GOBLE, Joseph?Prince George, BCProgress, 15 June 1966aged 81 years, born at Parry Sound, Ontario, wife Esther
GOCH, Lloyd20968Vancouver, BCProgress, 29 May 1957
GODDARD, William Thomas George28868Nanaimo, BCProgress, 17 January 1979born in Wiltshire, England, aged 79 years, wife Helen
GODFREY, Arthur C. (Jake)34434?Star, 15 April 1994born 16 May 1908 in South Wellington, BC, wife Isobel, mother Maggie Godfrey
GOLDING, George Richardson26586Port Alberni, BCProgress, 25 October 1972aged 67 years, wife Margaret
GOOD, William Cecil34292Victoria, BCStar, 26 November 1993Doctor, born in 1914 in Skibbereen County, Cork, Ireland
GOODBURN, Lisle Maher33963Victoria, BCStar, 31 December 1992born 04 May 1922 in Vancouver, BC, wife Doreen
GOODE, Gordon Robert33981Parksville, BCStar, 22 January 1993wife Brenda
GOODMAN, Alice Beatrice34476Qualicum Beach, BCNews, 31 May 1994 & Star, 03 June 1994born 20 August 1929 in Prince Rupert, BC, husband of 42 years, Stanley
GOODMAN, Chalres Albert Wigley23257Parksville, BCProgress, 04 September 1964on holidays, resident of Victoria
GOOLD, Frank Carter34236?News, 12 October 1993aged 68
GORENKO, Gregory Melvin26356Port Hardy, BCProgress, 08 March 1972born at Edmonton, Alberta, aged 20 years, father G. Gorenko, grandfather W. Moore, grandfather G. Gorenko, in Progress, 12 April 1972 followup article, died under the influence of heroin
GORMAN, Charles David28088?Progress, 01 December 1976born in Springfield, USA, aged 44 years, wife Ruth, father L. D. Gorman
GORRIE, Lesa Lonne34251Nanaimo, BCStar, 22 October 1993born 25 October 1920 in Denmark, husband Sydney P. Gorrie
GORRILL, Daryl Hulbert27413Victoria, BCProgress, 22 January 1975aged 38 years, wife Beverly, parents Humphrey and Hazel Gorril
GOSSELIN, Joan34410Qualicum Beach, BCNews, 29 March 1994 & Star, 25 March 1994born 01 June 1912 in England, aged 81 years
GOUGH, Hiram26101Nanaimo, BCProgress, 23 June 1971aged 87 years, wife Sadie
GRAHAM, Edward34249Nanaimo, BCStar, 15 October 1993 & News, 19 October 1993born 06 December 1919 in Burnley, England, wife Amy
GRAMCHUK, Pete34100?News, 18 May 199368 years old, wife Lucy,
GRANDBOIS, Evelyn Florence34444Parksville, BCNews, 26 April 1994born 8 December 1919 at Bonham, Texas, USA, husband of 52 years is Kenneth
GRANT, Dorothy Reve27559Comox, BCProgress, 18 June 1975born on 17 October 1902 in Victoria, BC, husband Stanley
GRANT, Leslie??Progress, 26 June 1963aged 58 years, wife Agnes, born in Exeter, England, was Reverend Canon for Anglican Church
GRASSER, Edward Joseph Merlin27946Qualicum Beach, BCProgress, 14 July 1976born in Broomhead, Saskatchewan, aged 55 years
GRASSER, Gunda Helen24237Qualicum Beach, BCProgress, 18 May 1966born in Vining, Minnesota, was 80 years of age, husband Edward died in 1930
GRASSER, Harold Oscar33895Nanaimo, BCStar, 23 October 1992born 16 September 1918 at Bromhead, Saskatchewan, wife Miriam
GRAY, David Paxton34317Nanaimo, BCNews, 21 December 1993 & Star, 23 December 1993aged 72 years, wife Pauline
GRAY, Sadie27855Nanaimo, BCProgress, 14 April 1976born in Lochlomond, Scotland, aged 81 years, husband Joseph died in 1966
GREEN, John Thomas22120Nanaimo, BCProgress, 27 July 1960born in Darlington, Durham, England, aged 73 years, wife Ellen
GREEN, Maud23181?Progress, 26 June 1963born in Ontario, married Herbert Green in 1898 in Souris, Manitoba
GREEN, Ruby Josephine (Sis)34343?News, 11 January 1994husband of 49 years was Arthur, parents E. Douglas Stone and Gwladys Hermans
GREEN, Wilma Avonell34161Nanaimo, BCStar, 16 July 1993born in Truro, Nova Scotia, 81 years of age, husband Walter
GREIG, Isabelle D.21950?Progress, 10 February 1960native of Tayport, Fifeshire, Scotland, husband Robert F.
GRIFFIN, Isobel Baisley33500North Vancouver, BCStar, 27 September 1991in her 80th year, husband William John died on 30 May 1991
GROSS, Arthur Edward33710?Star, 24 April 1992aged 70, wife Arlene
GROVES, Janet25374Nanaimo, BCProgress, 25 June 1969born at Dalmuir, Scotland, aged 71 years, husband Thomas died in 1960
GRUNDY, Mrs. Paul22498Union Bay, BCProgress, 16 August 1961aged 60 years, husband Paul
GUEULETTE, Joachin Leon22894Nanoose, BCProgress, 12 September 1962born in Chatelet, Hainault, Belgium, aged 81 years, struck by a train
HALL, W. I. (Bill)34284Richmond, BCStar, 19 November 1993 & News, 16 November 1993aged 77 years
HALL, Walter Reynolds22538Nanaimo, BCProgress, 20 September 1961born in Stafford, England, aged 90 years, wife Mary died in 1957
HALLAN, John23542Eaglecrest, BCProgress, 24 June 1964 & Progress, 17 June 1964visiting from Nottinghamshire, England, wife Ruth
HALLEN, Elizabeth24268Nanaimo, BCProgress, 15 June 1966born at Walsend-on-Tyne, England, aged 72 years, husband Ivar
HALVAS, Allen Frederick34160Duncan, BCStar, 23 July 1993 & Star, 30 July 1993born 15 April 1950, mother Jean, father Fred
HALVORSON, Arnold Vernon34302Errington, BCStar, 03 December 1993born 04 April 1932 in Lake Alma, Saskatchewan, age 61 years, wife Betty
HAMILTON, Jean34379Cranbrook, BCNews, 22 February 1994born in Deloraine, Manitoba, aged 78 years, husband John, parents George and Fannie (Robertson) Perry
HAMILTON, Lillian Marguerite34390Nanaimo, BCStar, 04 March 1994husband of 63 years Leonard died 06 June 1991
HAMILTON, Samuel Hugh17779Victoria, BCProgress, 15 September 1948
HAMMILL, Nancie K.33893Parksville, BCStar, 23 October 1992born in Australia, husband Colin N.
HAMMILL, Roger33696Nanaimo, BCStar, 10 April 1992wife Caroline, mother Nancie, father Colin died in 1986
HAMPSON, Paul Henry34233Nanaimo, BCStar, 28 September 1993born 26 January 1922 in Powell River, BC, wife Marion
HAND, Lee Roy22958Victoria, BCProgress, 14 November 1962born at Studley, Kansas, USA, aged 56 years, wife Mae
HANNA, Gerald Albert27999Nanaimo, BCProgress, 01 September 1976born in Ontario, aged 61 years, wife Edna
HANSON, Marianne Lasenby27392Victoria, BCProgress, 15 January 1975aged 87 years, husband Horace Aldon Hanson
HANSON, Oscar34361?News, 08 February 1994born on 14 June 1914 in Norway, wife Ruth
HARDERS, Olive Winifred34450Parksville, BCNews, 03 May 1994born 25 October 1896 at Richmond, Surrey, England, husband Waldo Harders
HARDING, Milton33806Vancouver, BCStar, 24 July 1992wife of 47 years Muriel
HARMAN-WOOD, George Henry26542Coombs, BCProgress, 07 September 1972born at Poole, Dorset, England, aged 67 years, wife Mary
HARNISH, Edwin N.24806Nanaimo, BCProgress, 06 December 1967born at Coggin, Iowa, USA, aged 75 years, wife Vera
HARPER, Graham Hewett33740Qualicum Beach, BCStar, 29 May 1992born 25 January 1916 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, U.S.A., wife Shirley
HARPER, Robert22576Port Alberni, BCProgress, 25 October 1961aged 23 years, motor vehicle accident
HARRIS, Doris Helen34156Nanaimo, BCStar, 16 July 1993aged 84 years, brother David Sterricker
HARRIS, Raymond (Dutchy)34392?News, 08 March 1994aged 81 years, native of Nanaimo, wife Daisy
HARRISON, James Henry?Comox, BCNews, 22 March 1994aged 72, wife Violet
HASTINGS, Jacob Alfred26383Nanaimo, BCProgress, 29 March 1972born at Birkenhead, England, wife Edwina died in 1969
HAUKEDAL, Lawrence Andre33839?Star, 28 August 1992aged 45 years, wife Cynthia Williams, mother Florence Haukedal
HAYES, Dorothea Victoria33951Nanaimo, BCStar, 24 December 1992aged 67 years, husband Clifford
HAYES, Harold Hubert23569Victoria, BCProgress, 22 July 1964born at Somerset, England, aged 87 years, wife Maude
HAYWARDGladys Lillian34372Nanaimo, BCStar, 11 February 1994 & News, 15 February 1994
HAZELDINE, Archie Wykeham26330Nanaimo, BCProgress, 02 February 1972aged 75 years, wife Jessie
HEAL, James Stanley26481Nanaimo, BCProgress, 05 July 1972born in Gomelton, England, aged 67 years, wife Clarice
HEATH, Harold Ernest28916Calgary, AlbertaProgress, 07 March 1979born at Hastings, England, aged 87, wife "Bambi" died 29 October 1978
HELGESEN, Lars Christian28084Nanaimo, BCProgress, 24 November 1976born at Kjarum, Denmark, aged 94, wife Andrea died in August 1968
HENDERSON, David17877?Progress, 15 December 1948born in Girvan Ayrshire, Scotland, 59 years old, wife Elizabeth
HENDERSON, Helena Opra34027?Star, 05 March 1993of Parksville, died at age 85, husband Bert.
HENDRIKSON, Oscar22169Nanaimo, BCProgress, 14 September 1960born in Kuobio, Finland, aged 78 years, wife Selma
HERGERT, Conrad33513?Star, 11 October 1991aged 85, wife Phyllis
HERIOT, Lesley34298?News, 07 December 1993 & Star, 10 December 1993born in Adama, Turkey on 05 May 1911, aged 82 years, husband Jim died in 1983
HERRINGTON, Sarah26408Nanaimo, BCProgress, 26 April 1972born at Botona, North Dakota, aged 83 years, husband Elwood died 47 years ago
HERRON, Fred34414?Star, 25 March 1994born 28 August 1921, wife Joan
HEWLETT, Ronald D.28642?Progress, 07 June 1978born at Edmonton, Alberta, aged 65 years, wife Anna
HEYLER, William Lewis (Bill)33524EnglandStar, 25 October 1991wife Edna
HICKEY, Mary Elenor35094Nanaimo General HospitalShe was born 21 July 1914 at Sedgewick, Alberta maiden name Smith, and married John Forster Raleigh Hickey.
HICKEY, John Forster Raleigh31452Nanaimo General HospitalHe was born in French Creek on 25 October 1907, and married Mary Elenor Smith
HIGGINS, Terry Jay26647Nanaimo, BCProgress, 20 December 1972born in Unity, Saskatchewan, aged 29 years, wife Carole Anne, father Jay Higgins, grandmother Jessie Murrell
HILL, Evelyn Violet27408Nanaimo, BCProgress, 22 January 1975born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, husband Stanley, brother Frank Forbes
HILLIARD, Charles26535Nanaimo, BCProgress, 30 August 1972aged 78 years, wife Frances
HILTZ, Joan Ernestine33501Nanaimo, BCStar, 04 October 1991born at Roblin, Manitoba, 72 years of age, husband Jack
HINDLEY, John Armstrong (Jack)33968?Star, 08 January 1993wife Thelma, born in Moosejaw, Saskatchewan
HINE, Elizabeth28638Chilliwack, BCProgress, 07 June 1978born at Freeman, South Dakota, aged 78 years, husband Fred, brothers Allen, Irvine and Walter Ratzlaff
HINTZ, Gertrud33569Victoria, BCStar, 06 December 1991aged 72 years, husband Eitel died in 1986
HIRST, Jane17863?Progress, 01 December 1948born in Wales, 84 years of age, husband Albert V. Hirst
HIRST, John Victor34240Parksville, BCStar, 08 October 1993born 02 June 1929 in Nanaimo, BC
HIRST, Mabel?Victoria, BCProgress, 09 April 1969born in Nanaimo, BC, aged 73 years, husband Thomas died in 1959
HIRST, Marples "Marks"34272Chilliwack, BCNews, 09 November 1993in his 69th year
HIRST, Thomas H.21971Nanaimo, BCProgress, 24 February 1960 & Progress, 02 March 1960born in Nanaimo on 21 April 1887, aged 72 years, wife Mabel, father John
HOBBS, Leslie Richard27994Nanaimo, BCProgress, 01 September 1976born at London, England, aged 66 years, wife Pauline
HOBBY, Audrey33623Nanaimo, BCStar, 31 January 1992husband Arthur (Bob)
HOCKING, Martin26822Nanaimo, BCProgress, 13 June 1973born at Cornwall, England, aged 89 years, wife Florence
HODGSON, Gwenneth Alice27859Nanaimo, BCProgress, 14 April 1976born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, aged 66 years, husband Ronald
HODSOLL, Robert26573Parksville, BCProgress, 12 October 1972born in England, aged 72 years
HOLBECH, Ronald Henry33692Victoria, BCStar, 17 April 1992born 29 March 1915 in Prince Rupert, BC, 77 years old, wife Christine
HOLGATE, Robert William23280Victoria, BCProgress, 02 October 1963born at Blackpool, England, aged 88 years, wife Ethel
HOLLANDS, Edith Roberta Lillian27733Nanaimo, BCProgress, 10 December 1975born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, aged 89 years, husband Ward died in 1953
HOLLINGSWORTH, Frederick Donald Edison34400Nanaimo, BCStar, 07 April 1994aged 63 years, wife Diane
HOLLY, Laimi26533?Progress, 30 August 1972born in Finland, aged 78 years, husband Frederick, brothers Isaac and Mike Koivisto
HOOK, Dr. James H.34150Qualicum Beach, BCNews, 06 July 1993wife Lorraine Northey, born in Brooks, Alberta
HOPFNER, Raymond Matthias24377Nanaimo, BCProgress, 05 October 1966in his 67th year
HOPKINS, Anne33492?Star, 20 September 1991aged 67 years, husband Norman, mother Ellen Gillot
HOPKINS, Barbara?Anerley, SaskatchewanProgress, 17 April 1957
HOPKINS, William Robert (Bob)34316Thunder Bay, OntarioStar, 17 December 1993aged 43 years, parents Pearl and Bert Hopkins
HORNE, Ralph Frederick Robert34305Parksville, BCStar, 10 December 1993born 07 February 1914 in St. John's New Brunswick, wife Pauline
HORPESTAD, Raymond Gerald34461Parksville, BCStar, 13 May 1994 & News, 17 May 1994born 19 October 1954 in Edmonton, Alberta, wife Debbie, parents Ken and Mary Horpestad, parents-in-laws Rod and Nanette Banks
HORSFIELD, Christopher34288Qualicum Beach, BCStar, November 1993 & News, 16 November 1993born 13 May 1915
HORSFIELD, Mabel26836Nightengale Rest HomeProgress, 27 June 1973aged 89 years, husband Charles died in 1948
HOTZON, Michael33605?Star, 10 January 1992aged 76, wife Mable
HOUSTON, Derek Lindsay34118Nanoose, BCNews, 08 June 1993 and Star 11 June 1993born 23 November 1930 in Belfast, Ireland, Wife Jo
HOWE, Joan Massey33550?Star, 22 November 1991aged 71 years, husband Bernard
HRECHKA, Helen34075Nanaimo, BCStar, 23 April 1993born 12 May 1916, Manitoba, died at age 76, husband Mike, service in Parksville.
HRYNIW, Roger Lee27937Union Bay, BCProgress, 30 June 1976born in Vernon, BC, aged 17 years, father R. V. Hryniw, grandmother Anne Collison
HUCKABAY, Brian Lambert26477?Progress, 05 July 1972born at Dodsland, Saskatchewan, aged 17 years, father A. E. Huckabay, grandmother Connie Huckabay, grandmother Katherine Abel
HUCUL, William26832Nanaimo, BCProgress, 27 June 1973aged 82 years, wife Gladys
HUDSON, Frances Bernice34457?News, 10 May 1994aged 73 years, husband Melvin, brothers Bill and Lloyd Hetherington
HUGHSON, James Owen34280Nanaimo, BCNews, 09 November 1993, Star, 12 November 1993born 12 August 1920 in Veteran, Alberta , second wife Jean, first wife Monica
HULLEY, Annie25955Parksville, BCProgress, 27 January 1971born at Kirkcudbrightshire, Scotland, 96 years of age, husband George died in 1924
HUMPHREY, Herbert Olin34291Nanaimo, BCNews, 23 November 1993 & Star 26 November 1993in his 85th year, born in 1908
HUNT, Elizabeth34370Nanaimo, BCStar, 11 February 1994
HUNTER, John Alexander26372Nanaimo, BCProgress, 22 March 1972born at Dundee, Scotland, aged 71 years, wife Anne Sylvia
HUNTER, Katherine Lucinda33600?Star, 10 January 199279 years old, second husband Robert Steele Hunter, first husband Andrew Clark died in 1966
HUPP, Kenneth John33866Nanaimo, BCStar, 25 September 1992aged 72
HUTCHINSON, Clarence Percival34388Nanaimo, BCNews, 01 March 1994aged 93 years, wife Marjorie
INGLEDEW, Harry27770Nanaimo, BCProgress, 21 January 1976born at Yorkshire, England, aged 75 years, wife Joyce
INNES, William McIntosh22574Nanaimo, BCProgress, 01 November 1961born at Lagavaich, Glenlovat, Scotland, aged 73, wife Annie Elizabeth
IRELAND, Rosina34062Nanaimo, BCNews, 13 April 1993 and Star, 9 April 1993born 22 August 1923 in Edmonton, Alberta, husband Gordon living in French Creek, brother James Thorburn.
IRWIN, Margaret Helen33613Langley, BCStar, 14 February 199279 years, husband Casey
JACK, Mary Cowan26820Nanaimo, BCProgress, 13 June 1973born in Inverness, Scotland, in her 82nd year, husband Alec
JACKSON, George21989Qualicum Beach, BCProgress, 23 March 1960born in Glasgow, Scotland, aged 64 years
JACKSON, Robert Cole34219Qualicum Beach, BCNews, 26 October 1993born 08 March 1950 in Glasgow, Scotland, mother Violet Jackson
JACOBSEN, Alf Werner34419Qualicum Beach, BCStar, 01 April 1994 & News, 05 April 1994born 11 May 1926 in Lyngby, Denmark, wife Judy
JACOBSON, Roy Albert Victor34480?Star, 03 June 1994aged 92 years, wife Marie Esther died in 1986
JAMES, Edna Hughiene26640Nanaimo, BCProgress, 13 December 1972born in Toronto, Ontario, aged 78 years, husband Lewis died in 1926
JAMIESON, Neil C.34101?Star, 21 May 1993of Bowser, BC, born in High Blantyre, Scotland, wife Flora
JANES, John Sydney George28102Qualicum Beach, BCProgress, 15 December 1976born in Montreal, Quebec, aged 69 years, wife Martha
JAWORSKI, Michael (Mike)33533Nanaimo, BCStar, 01 November 1991aged 80 years, first wife Eunice, second wife Tina
JEFFERS, Cecil Andrew28922Nanaimo, BCProgress, 14 March 1979born at Neville, Nova Scotia, aged 72 years, wife Elizabeth
JEFFERS, Elizabeth Gertrude34456Nanaimo, BCNews, 10 May 1994born 10 May 1906 at Indian Head, Saskatchewan, husband Cecil died in 1979
JEFFREY, Alice Edith27730Nanaimo, BCProgress, 10 December 1975born in Toronto, Ontario, aged 62 years, husband John
JENKINS, Helena28101?Progress, 15 December 1976husband Ross
JEPSON, Leon Baynes??Progress, 10 April 1957born in London, Ontario, aged 66 years, wife Constance
JEWSON, William Frederick28994Nanaimo, BCProgress, 30 May 1979in his 93rd year, wife Rosina died in 1955
JOENSEN, Melanie Louise27985?Progress, 18 August 1976born in Hoevenen, Belgium, aged 63 years, husband Jack, brother Joseph Dillon
JOHNSON, Axel O.33768Port Alberni, BCStar, 26 June 1992born 25 January 1906 in Fors, Sweden, wife Maria
JOHNSON, Charles26357Nanaimo, BCProgress, 01 March 1972aged 59 years
JOHNSON, Edward22549Nanaimo, BCProgress, 27 September 1961born in Mud Bay, Surrey, aged 71 yeas, wife Eva
JOHNSON, Lucy Phillippa Louise34236Nanaimo, BCNews, 05 October 1993 & Star, 08 October 1993born 29 May 1905 in Hamilton, Ontario, husband Lt. Cmdr. F.J.G. (Barney) Johnson
JOHNSON, Mary Ellen26438Nanoose Bay, BCProgress, 31 May 1972born at East Wellington, BC, aged 65 years, husband Sidney died in 1951
JOHNSON, William34174Parksville, BCNews, 03 August 1993 & Star, 30 July 1993aged 83 years, wife Julia
JOHNSTONE, Alexander Young24361Nanaimo, BCProgress, 14 September 1966born at Colburne, Ontario, aged 88 years, wife Ethel Maude
JOHNSTONE, Marion Lois33574?Star, 13 December 1991aged 77 years, brother Lynn Lecuyer, husband Ross died in 1988, Mother Bessie died in 1982, father Arthur died in 1963
JOHNSTONE, W. L. J. (Billy)33604?Star, 17 January 1992 & 10 January 1992aged 68, wife Lillian
JOINSON, Kate Winnifred (Kit)34356?News, 01 February 1994husband Fred died in 1987
JONES, Emily25269?Progress, 19 March 1969born in England
JONSSON, Maria Taimi25414Parksville, BCProgress, 06 August 1969born at Tampete, Finland, aged 56 years, drowning, husband Ericx
JORGENSEN, Chauncey H.33919Nanaimo, BCStar, 20 November 1992wife Violet died in April 1992
JORGENSEN, Violet Vera33705Nanaimo, BCStar, 17 April 1992husband Chauncey
JUDD, John James Edward33468?Star, 30 August 1991wife Alice
JUDIESCH, Ada Winnifred26395Nanaimo, BCProgress, 12 April 1972born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, aged 87 years, husband Thomas died in March 1961
KARLSEN, Neils Peter Christian?Nanaimo, BCProgress, 06 December 1961born in Denmark, aged 83 years
KASON, Caroline33780Prince George, BCStar, 10 July 1992nee Finch, aged 46 years, husband Bill, parents Guy & Nancy Finch
KEIGWIN, Henry Charles?Nanaimo, BCProgress, 05 October 1966born in London, England, aged 86 years, wife Amy Florence deceased
KELLY, Troy25396Vancouver, BCProgress, 23 July 1969infant 3 days old, parents Douglas and Valerie Kelly, grandfather Edward Irwin, grandmother Penny Blaine, grandfather Douglas A. Kelly
KENDALL, Robert Elsworth34437?News, 26 April 1994aged 74 years, 1st wife Ellen died in November 1990, 2nd wife Anne
KENNEDY, Cecil Herbert22987Qualicum Beach, BCProgress, 12 December 1962born in Canterbury, England, aged 67 years, wife Violet died in 1956
KENNEDY, William Louis33551?Star, 22 November 1991aged 68 years, wife Margret (Peg)
KERPAN, Gabe34005?Star, 12 February 1993wife Mel
KETTLEWELL, John Gervase27534Parksville, BCProgress, 28 May 1975born at Davidson, Saskatchewan, aged 63 years, wife Helen
KHAAN, Jean Elizabeth33467?Star, 30 August 1991husband Ted
KIMMEL, Kathryn Grace27860?Progress, 14 April 1976born in Nanaimo, BC, aged 17, father William A. Kimmel, grandmother Wilda Kimmel
KINCH, Gordon25394Vancouver, BCProgress, 16 July 1969aged 20 years, motorcycle accident
KING, Mary Christine (Lennax)34097News, 18 May 1993born 12 December 1912 in Victoria, BC,
KINGSLEY, Alice Antrim34056Parksville, BCStarborn at Churchbridge, Saskatchewan, 90 years old, husband Jim
KINKADE, Emily Hanna Isobel28868Nanaimo, BCProgress, 17 January 1979born in Nanaimo, BC, aged 61 years, husband Gerald Thomas Kinkade died in 1978, brothers, Fred and Bill Higgins
KIRBY, Thomas William34304Mission, BCStar, 10 December 1993aged 84 years, wife Norah
KLEIN, Thomas Peter (TOM)33746Merville, BCStar, 05 June 1992born in North Vancouver, BC, aged 30, parents Richard & Arlene Klein, grandparents Wesley & Ruth Hannah, grandparents Peter and Hazel Klein
KLEPPEN, Matilda Mildred28666Parksville, BCProgress, 28 June 1978born in Harwick, Kent, Ontario, aged 86 years, husband Silvert died in 1974
KNAPP-FISHER, Robert C. (Robin)34103Coombs, BCStar, 21 May 1993wife Jane, aged 65
KNIGHT, Archibald20816Whiskey Creek, BCProgress, 03 January 1957from Albury, Surrey, England, aged 70 years, wife Marie
KNIGHT, George Henry33985Parksville, BCStar, 22 January 1993born 21 January 1905 in Coonoor, India, wife of 53 years Eve
KNIGHT, Robert Ivan34362Qualicum Beach, BCNews, 08 February 1994 & Star, 04 February 1994born 29 November 1901 in Calcutta, India, aged 92 years, married in 1957, wife Nan died in 1985
KNIGHT, Stephen W. G.34177Victoria, BCNews, 03 August 1993born 28 February 1956 in Qualicum Beach, BC, father George, wife Margaret, mother Eve
KOIVU, Adolph22931Qualicum Beach, BCProgress, 24 October 1962born at Teisko, Finland, aged 82 years
KOLODYCHUK, Jack25377Nanaimo, BCProgress, 25 June 1969run over by a gravel truck
KOPAS, Shawn David33626Vancouver, BCStar, 31 January 1992born in Brampton, Ontario, 21 years old
KORSA, Steve??Progress, 03 July 1963aged 78 years, sons Joe, Steve, Tony
KOSTIUK, Effie Irene34122?Star, 11 June 1993born 20 March 1902, Stinson, husband Bill, nee Stinson
KRAUSE, Gerd Gunter34192?Star, 20 August 1993wife Gerda died in 1993
LA BELLE, Ida Gertrude22268Qualicum, BCProgress, 21 December 1960born at London, Ontario, aged 73 years, husband Joseph, brother Russell Irwin
LABELLE, Mary Agnes33630?Star, 31 January 199283 years old, husband Fred died 19 January 1979
LAING, Alexander McCook22121Lasquite Island, BCProgress, 27 July 1960born in Glasgow, Scotland, aged 58 years, wife Clarissa
LAMBERT, Bertin Joseph27814Parksville, BCProgress, 03 March 1976born in Victoriaville, Quebec, aged 67 years, wife Isabel
LAMMING, William Leonard?Comox, BCProgress, 11 April 1962born in Sault St. Marie, Ontario, aged 62 years, wife Elva
LAMPORT, John Frederick (Jack)34074Nanaimo, BCStar, 23 April 1993died age 79, service in Victoria.
LANSDOWN, Gary27845?Progress, 31 March 1976born in San Francisco, California, USA, aged 22 years, father Frank Lansdown, automobile accident
LARSEN, Evelyn33624Nanaimo, BCStar, 31 January 1992
LARSEN, Sophia22416Victoria, BCProgress, 24 May 1961born in Sweden, husband Lewis Larsen
LARSON, Alaf Sand22636Vancouver, BCProgress, 04 January 1962born in Norway, aged 53 years, father Carl Larsen
LAUGHLIN, Joseph Flemming28047Qualicum BeachProgress, 20 October 1976born in Gorticastle, Ireland, aged 78 years, wife Freda
LAVER, Horatio Edward Victor (Ted)22731Qualicum Beach, BCProgress, 28 March 1962born on 22 April 1916 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, aged 45 years, wife Darley, father Albert E. Laver
LAYTON, Ena34351Nanaimo, BCNews, 25 January 1994aged 79 years, husband Ken
LEAKE, David William34113?Star, 28 May 1993born in Cambell River, BC, aged 25 years, parents Mary and Bill Leake, grandfather Norval Hay, grandmother Mina Leake
LEAKE, Wilfred Stanley25322Nanaimo, BCProgress, 07 May 1969born at Woodstock, Ontario, aged 72 years, wife Mina
LEAMAN, Mildred Marie34387Qualicum Beach, BCNews, 01 March 1994 & Star, 04 March 1994born 06 April 1919 in Falls City, Nebraska, USA, husband of 50 years Donald H. Leaman, brother Robert Heck
LEHNE, Carl Engebert34330Nanoose, BCNews, 04 January 1994born 28 May 1906 in Norway, wife Betty
LEIGH, Thomas Edward (Ed)34030Nanaimo, BCNews, 16 March 1993wife Norah (Nonie).
LEMARQUAND, James Maxwell Acourt33726?Star, 08 May 1992aged 95 years, wife Edna
LEPPARD, Charles Eugene28058?Progress, 03 November 1976born in Harriston, Ontario, aged 73 years, wife Minnie
LESCORBEAU, Jeannette Rolland Cecil33518Nanaimo, BCStar, 25 October 1991nee Chalifour, aged 73 years, born in 1918 in Debden, Saskatchewan
LESLIE, Stanley Arthur Ronald27776Nanaimo, BCProgress, 21 January 1976born in London, England, aged 88 years, wife Lillian
LEWIS, John34309Nanaimo, BCStar, 10 December 1993 & News, 14 December 1993born at Nantymoel, Wales, 88 years of age, father John Lewis Sr., wife Isabel
LILLEY, Isabelle McPhee24361Nanaimo, BCProgress, 14 September 1966born in Glasgow, aged 71 years, husband David Samuel Lilley, brother John Sharpe
LINDGREN, Frederic Olaf Erick34172Qualicum Beach, BCNews, 03 August 1993 & Star, 30 July 1993born 08 November 1924 in Vancouver, BC, wife Winifred
LINDSAY, William34415Nanaimo, BCNews, 29 March 1994aged 74
LINDSEY, Mary28986?Progress, 16 May 1979born in Jarrou-on-Tyne, England, aged 76 years, husband Fred died in 1971
LISTER, Lilly Ann??Progress, 08 June 1966aged 56 years, husband James
LITTLE, Annie Elsbeth34328Parksville, BCNews, 04 January 1994in her 98th year
LITTLEWOOD, Catherine Shipley26316Ladysmith, BCProgress, 26 January 1972aged 92 years, husband George died in 1951
LITTLEWOOD, Peter33977Nanoose, BCStar, 15 January 1993 & Star, 29 January 1993born 12 September 1923 in Edgewood, BC, in his 69th year, wife of 44 years Diana (Nee Hartshorne)
LIVINGSTONE, Edward R.28862Grantham's Landing, BCProgress, 17 January 1979aged 84 years, wife Anne
LIVINGSTONE, H. Jean34294Nanaimo, BCNews, 30 November 1993 & Star, 26 November 1993born 03 July 1924 in Fergus, Ontario, husband Ken died in 1989
LIVSEY, Isabella26551Nanaimo, BCProgress, 13 September 1972born at Dumfries, Scotland, aged 81 years, husband Harold
LJUNGGREN, Mary Ellen34049Parksville, BCNewsborn 29 January 1907 at Minnesota, USA,
LOCKHART, Alexander Dunlop??Progress, 13 January 1971aged 80 years, wife Dorothy
LOCKHART, Dorothy Ethel33800Nanaimo, BCStar, 24 July 1992born in Huntingdon, England, in her 96th year, husband Alec died in 1971
LOGAN, John Moodie34030Port Alberni, BCStar, 12 March 1993born 09 February 1906 in Liverpool, England, wife Ariel
LOGIE, Doreen Margaret33909?Star, 04 December 1992
LONG, Winnifred22193Errington, BCProgress, 05 October 1960born in Saskatchewan, husband George
LOUGHLEAN, Edwin C.??Star, 12 February 1993born 1913 in Edmonton, Alberta, wife Florence
LOUIE, Catherine26365Ladysmith, BCProgress, 15 March 1972born at Nanoose, BC, aged 72 years, husband Aleck, mother Julia Jim
LOW, Mary Edith34209Parksville, BCNews, 07 September 1993aged 84 years, brother Carroll Marryatt
LYNN, Robert John26482Nanaimo, BCProgress, 12 July 1972born at Armstrong, BC, aged 73 years, wife Jessie
MACCALLUM, T. Ann Anderson34300Parksville, BCStar, 03 December 1993 & News, 07 December 1993born 08 February 1942 in London, England, aged 51 years, husband Alex died in January 1988
MACDONALD, Colin Henry33727Nanaimo, BCStar, 08 May 1992born 31 January 1916 in Kincolith, BC, wife Sharon
MACDONALD, Helen M. (Nellie)33882Nanaimo, BCStar, 16 October 1992 & Star, 06 November 1992husband Murdo, brothers Dr. William G. and Albert F. Black, parents Rev. and Mrs. James Black, born 28 June 1901 in Wolsingham, England
MACDONALD, Hugh John27763Nanaimo, BCProgress, 14 January 1976aged 74 years
MACDONALD, Robert34041Fort Lauderdale, FloridaNewsof Victoria, aged 76, parents Gertrude Nichold and Samuel MacDonald, born in Sheffield, England
MACFIE, James Archibald (Jim)34319Nanaimo, BCNews, 21 December 1993first wife Velma deceased, second wife Brenda
MACGIBBON, Thomasina (Ena)34368Nanaimo, BCNews, 15 February 1994aged 77 years, husband Frank
MACGOWAN, Emily Margaret Jane34469Parksville, BCStar, 20 May 1994aged 82 years, husband of 60 years is Preston, brothers Jack, Fred, Cyril and Hubert Brittain
MACGREGOR, Margaret Anna34134Nanaimo, BCStar, 18 June 1993aged 71 years, resident of Nanoose Bay, BC
MACGREGOR, William Ronald34316Port Alberni, BCNews, 21 December 1993born 18 February 1914 in Dundas, Ontario, wife of 53 years Jean
MACINNES, William Edmond27988?Progress, 25 August 1976in his 70th year, Colonel "Squid" MacInnes R.C.E.M.E., wife Mairi died in 1973
MACINTYRE, Cory Paul Aaron34282Nanaimo, BCNews, 16 November 1993born 03 August 1976 in Edmonton, Alberta, aged 17 years, parents Lis & Ron Stead, grandparents Inga & Jens Godbersen, grandparent George Stead, grandmother Francis MacIntyre
MACINTYRE, John A.26253Vancouver, BCProgress, 01 December 1971born at Oban, Scotland, aged 80 years, wife Barbara
MACKAY, John Douglas33936Nanaimo, BCStar, 04 December 1992born 24 November 1914 in Belfast, Northern Ireland, wife Mabel
MACKENZIE, Murdo26382Parksville, BCProgress, 29 March 1972born at Gairloch, Rossshire, Scotland, aged 66 years, wife Lillian
MACKIE, Elizabeth D.34428?News, 19 April 1994husband James T.
MACLEAN, Hugh34160?News, 20 July 1993aged 65, wife Phyllis
MACLEOD, Maureen Ena34089Qualicum Beach, BCNews, 04 May 1993 and Star, 07 May 1993husband Stuart, mother Ena McCabe
MACRAE, David Donald33644Lethbridge, AlbertaStar, 21 February 1992aged 65 years, married 05 June 1953 in Edmonton, Alberta to Martha Wackershauser, mother Gladys MacRae, father David died in 1964
MACSWEEN, Ethel Marion33514?Star, 11 October 1991aged 85
MADSEN, Maisie33709Nanaimo, BCStar, 24 April 1992husband Elof
MAHARIJA, Wilma (Billie)34021Qualicum Beach, BCStar, 26 February 1993in her 65th year, husband Joseph, father Frank Engler
MANDRYK, William?Port Alberni, BCProgress, 17 February 1960Native of Rumania, wife Bertha Irene, father Nikolas Mandryk
MANT, Gilbert Henry27950Nanaimo, BCProgress, 14 July 1976Born at Walton, Surrey County, England, aged 86 years, wife Eva
MARK, Constance Hildegard33664Nanaimo, BCStar, 06 March 1992born 27 March 1915 in Delisle, Saskatchewan, husband of 57 years Donald
MARK, Donald Henry34006Nanaimo, BCStar, 12 February 1993born 06 April 1913 in Cameron Twp, in Victoria County, Ontario, Wife of 57 years was Connie who died in 1992
MARLING, Francis R.28894Nanaimo, BCProgress, 28 February 1979born in Nova Scotia, daughter Evelyn
MARRS, Margaret Louise26934Nanaimo, BCProgress, 03 October 1973born at Portland, Oregon, USA, aged 66 years, husband George
MARSHALL, Andrew Thomas27994?Progress, 01 September 1976born in Peterborough, Ontario, aged 18 years, died in accident, parents Stanley and June Marshall
MARSHALL, John Henry24367Nanaimo, BCProgress, 21 September 1966born in Hook, District of Goole, County York, England, aged 98 years, wife of 68 years died in 1962 at the age of 93 years
MARSHALL, Marion Peggy34382Victoria, BCStar, 25 February 1994born in 23 May 1913 in Parksville, BC, in her 81st year, nee Rawlins, husband Ken died in May 1987, married in June 1936
MARSHALL, Robert Kerr (R.A.B.)34222Parksville, BCNews, 21 September 1993born in Scotland in 1913, wife Ueanna, had 11 brothers and sisters
MARSHALL, Robert28099Parksville, BCProgress, 08 December 1976born in Florence, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, aged 70 years, wife Helen
MARTANEN, Einar21960Parksville, BCProgress, 17 February 1960born in Kuopion, Laami, Finland, aged 52 years, wife Aino
MARTIN, Harold Curtis22505Port Alberni, BCProgress, 16 August 1961born in Kansas, USA, in 1909, aged 52 years, wife Eileen
MARTY, Gertrude22084DashwoorProgress, 22 June 1960aged 72 years, born at Nepawa, Ontario, husband John Adolph died in 1958brother Albert Thompson
MASON, Margaret Fanny20267?Progress, 29 June 1955born in Bamtton, Devonshire, England, aged 69 years, nee Yeo, married first William Wood, Married second A. J. Mason in 1927
MATHESON, Margaret22500Comox, BCProgress, 23 August 1961born in Iatamagouche, Nova Scotia in 1864, aged 97 years, husband died in 1940
MATHIESON, Thomas22519Vancouver, BCProgress, 30 August 1961born in Campbelltown, Scotland, aged 74 years, wife Isabella
MATTHEW, Melville James34211Nanaimo, BCStar, 03 September 1993wife Anne, from Dorval, Quebec
MATTSON, Allan Morine26646Parksville, BCProgress, 20 December 1972born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, aged 66 years, wife Carmel Viva
MAULTSAID, David William27533Nanaimo, BCProgress, 28 May 1975born in Londondery, Northern Ireland, aged 81 years, wife Edith
MAW, Daisy Winnifred33758Nanaimo, BCStar, 12 June 199284 years old, husband Mark died in July 1989
MAXWELL, David??Progress, 10 January 1962born in Ireland
MAXWELL, Isabella Campbell20847Progress, 30 January 1957born in Ireland, aged 87 years, married husband David in Vancouver, BC
MAXWELL, Nell27096Prince George, BCProgress, 21 August 1974husband Sam, brothers Charles and William Sissons
MAY, Daniel Denton33782Victoria, BCStar, 03 July 1992born 05 March 1949 in Nanaimo, BC, wife Brenda, father Bill May, mother Laura died in 1990
MAYBEY, L.22977Nanaimo, BCProgress, 28 November 1962aged 94
MAYERS, Myrtle Janette Dickson34359?News, 01 February 1994 & Star 04 February 1994married in 1938 to Neville
MAYFIELD, Eric28033Valley View, BCProgress, 06 October 1976born in Middlesex, England, aged 87 years, wife Bertha died in 1965
MCADAM, Agnes Beatrice34497?News, 21 June 1994aged 78 years, husband Harold died in 1980, brother Harold Wilkinson
MCBAY, Elizabeth22737Port Alberni, BCProgress, 04 April 1962born in Gourdon, Scotland, aged 72 years, husband Douglas
MCCAFFERY, Frank Arthur33891Nanaimo, BCStar, 23 October 1992born 11 November 1911 in Pembroke Dock, Wales, wife Mien
MCCAREY, Sarah34307Parksville, BCStar, 04 February 1994husband Arnold died in March 1991
MCCARTHY, Charles A.34378Parksville, BCStar, 18 February 1994aged 79 years, wife Eileen
MCCLASKEY, Donald Norman24587Nanaimo, BCProgress, 03 May 1967born at Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, aged 29 years, father Norman E. McClaskey
MCCREADY, Andrew Alexander33604?Star, 10 January 1992aged 75 years, wife Ethel
MCCURDY, Kenneth34395Nanaimo, BCStar, 11 March 1994born 10 February 1920 in Liverpool, England, wife Margaret
MCCURRIE, Patricia Marjorie33743Qualicum Beach, BCStar, 29 May 1992born 20 August 1931 at Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, husband John
MCDERMID, Elmer Ferguson34146Nanaimo, BCNews, 06 July 1993in his 89th year, wife Annice
MCDERMID, Harriet Ann27930Nanaimo, BCProgress, 23 June 1976first white child born in Parksville on 12 March 1889, aged 87 years, parents George and Elizabeth Plummer, husband William died in 1940
MCDONALD, Herbert Albert34199Nanaimo, BCNews, 24 August 1993age 71 years,
MCDONALD, Mary Alice26562Comox, BCProgress, 27 September 1972born in England, aged 70 years, husband Ronald Campbell McDonald, brother Bob Clough
MCDONNEL, Katherine Alice22082Nanaimo, BCProgress, 22 June 1960aged 75 years
MCEWAN, William22256Parksville, BCProgress, 14 December 1960born at Blackburn, Lancashire, England, aged 78 years, wife Amy died 04 October 1960
MCFARLAND, Edith Blanchford24289Nanaimo, BCProgress, 06 July 1966born in Nanaimo, BC, aged 71 years, father John May
MCGIMPSEY, Bertha Jane28099Mesa, Arizona, USAProgress, 15 December 1976born in Ontario, aged 74 years, husband William
MCGREGOR, Glencairn Andrew34358?News, 01 February 1994born 29 May 1922 at Winnipeg, Manitoba, wife Margaret Anne
MCINTOSH, Elizabeth Hepburn (Bess)33924Parksville, BCStar, 04 December 1992born in 1903 in Scotland, husband Donald James died in 1960
MCIVOR, Donald Angus34455Victoria, BCStar, 06 May 1994born 25 November 1927 in Vancouver, BC, wife Sheila
MCIVOR, Peggy Winnifred22414Nanaimo, BCProgress, 17 May 1961born at Warwick, England, aged 39 years, husband Cecil (Buck), father W. Dakin
MCKAY, John Morrison (Jack)34272Nanaimo, BCStar, 12 November 1993born 14 September 1914 in Vancouver, BC, first wife Betty died, second wife Nora
MCKAY, Nancy Bowness33515Nanaimo, BCStar, 11 October 1991nee Brookes, aged 71 years, husband Lloyd
MCKENZIE, Grant Wilfred33572Port Alberni, BCStar, 13 December 1991aged 36 years, parents Alex and Marjorie McKenzie, grandmother Ivy McKenzie, born in Port Alberni
MCKINNON, John George22659Nanaimo, BCProgress, 17 January 1962born at Antigonish, Nova Scotia, aged 74 years
MCLACHLIN, Susan33933?Star, 04 December 1992age 83 years, husband John
MCLAUGHLIN, Hilda27557Campbell River, BCProgress, 18 June 1975husband William Howard McLaughlin died in 1957
MCLEAN, Eardley Jackson??Progress, 27 February 1952born in Gowan Brae, Sutton West, Ontario, wife Julia
MCLEAN, Myrtle Ella34010?Star, 05 March 1993father James of Manitoba, mother Katherine (Kate) of Port Alberni, born 17 July 1903 in Holland, Manitoba, she was of Parksville, service in Nanaimo.
MCLELLAN, Isabel34223Nanaimo, BCStar, 17 September 1993 & Star, 24 September 1993born 21 May 1921 in Beaver Creek, Port Alberni, BC, husband Neil
MCLENNAN, Evelyn Genevieve28091Nanaimo, BCProgress, 08 December 1976born at Edmonton, Alberta, aged 61 years, husband Angus
MCMAHON, Bernard (Bernie)34012Port Alberni, BCStar, 19 February 1993born 05 April 1920 in Vancouver, BC, married Beth on 17 May 1981, first wife Molly
MCMILLAN, John Hilliard25282Nanaimo, BCProgress, 26 March 1969born at Brisbane, Ontario, aged 88 years, wife Lucy
MCMILLAN, Thomas M.23570Hilliers, BCProgress, 15 July 1964born at Glasgow, Scotland, aged 55 years, brothers Robert, George, William and David
MCNEIL, William Christopher (Billy)33690?Star, 17 April 1992born 22 December 1950, father William, mother Christine
MCPHIE, Ian25294Port Alberni, BCProgress, 09 April 1969born in Scotland, aged 61 years, wife Margaret
MCVICKER, Blanche33691?Star, 03 April 1992born in Bradford, England, 95 years old, husband Harold
MEDLICOTT, Percy33905?Star, 06 November 1992born 13 September 1914 in Liverpool, England, wife Jean
MELVILLE, Andrew Henry28894Nanaimo, BCProgress, 28 February 1979born in Moosomin, Saskatchewan, aged 81 years, wife Gwen
MENNIE, John Duncan22739Victoria, BCProgress, 11 April 1962born in Aberdeen, Scotland, aged 81 years, wife died in 1953
MEREDITH, Donald Edward26954Rivers Inlet, BCProgress, 31 October 1973aged 43 years, brother Douglas Stanley Meredith
MILLER, Anton Charles27773French Creek, BCProgress, 21 January 1976born in Prague, Czechoslovakia, aged 70 years, wife Alice
MILLER, Norma Joan33558Victoria, BCStar, 22 November 1991husband John, born in Nelson, BC, married John Miller on 24 April 1954 in Port Alberni, BC
MILLER, Wilson Gordon34256Qualicum Beach, BCNews, 19 October 1993in his 77th year, wife Marguerite Miller nee Wills
MILMINE, Robert N.33848Vancouver, BCStar, 18 September 1992 & Star, 11 September 1992born 6 December 1928 in S. Grimsby Township, Ontario, wife Maryl
MILNE, Robert?Victoria, BCProgress, 25 April 1962born at Montrose, Scotland, aged 78 years
MILNE, Robert22751Victoria, BCProgress, 18 April 1962born at Montrose, Scotland, aged 78 years, wife Bess died in 1950
MILNE, William Maurice (Bill)33609Port Alberni, BCStar, 17 January 1992aged 77 years, parents James and Rosamond
MILNER, Horatio Ray27538Qualicum Beach, BCProgress, 04 June 1975born at Sackville, New Brunswick, aged 86 years, wife Veronica
MITCHELL, George Samuel33877Nanaimo, BCStar, 09 October 1992born 15 February 1914 in Wauchula, Florida, U.S.A., wife Win
MODEN, Evelyn22956Cumberland Hospital, BCProgress, 14 November 1962born in the USA, aged 76 years, married in 1933 to Mr. Moden
MOERKERKEN, Arie34378Nanaimo, BCStar, 18 February 1994born on 07 May 1937 in Ridderkerk, Holland, wife Cathy, mother Janna Moerkerken
MOFFAT, Lorne Wellington34396Mesa, Arizona, USAStar, 11 March 1994 & News, 15 March 1994wife Madeleine
MOFFITT, Harold Cecil Walmsley33757Nanaimo, BCStar, 12 June 1992born in Newry, Ireland, 91 years old
MOHAN, Harold26425?Progress, 10 May 1972aged 59 years, wife Mary
MOLINE, Gail34076Edmonton, AlbertaNews, 04 May 1993 and Star, 30 April 1993born 30 April 1939, husband Rey, Service held in Bowser.
MONTAGUE, Emily Grace34281Montreal, QuebecStar, 10 December 1993in her 95th year, nee Williams, husband Alfred
MONTAQUE, Mabel M.34199Nanaimo, BCNews, 24 August 1993aged 79
MONTGOMERY, James Arthur (Monty)28082?Progress, 24 November 1976aged 96 years
MONTGOMERY, James Maurice?Belfast, IrelandProgress, 27 September 1972aged 58 years, mother Mary Montgomery, wife Moyra
MONTGOMERY, Violet Lockie26512Nanaimo, BCProgress, 09 August 1972born at Aukland, New Zealand, aged 68 years, husband Dr. Garnet E. H. Montgomery
MOORE, George Alexander25931Whiskey Creek, BCProgress, 06 January 197182 years old, wife Mabel, died by accident when a railway speeder struck him
MOORE, Maude C.22112Nanaimo, BCProgress, 20 July 1960born in the USA, aged 75 years, husband Harvey deceased
MOORING, Garfield Osborne Bigney33795Nanaimo, BCStar, 17 July 1992born 26 August 1924 in Nova Scotia, mother Clara Mooring
MOOYBOER, Elaine34359Parksville, BCNews, 01 February 1994 & Star, 04 February 1994born 12 October 1903 in Wales
MORAN, Ford Anthony33656?Star, 28 February 1992aged 68, wife Norah
MORAWETZ, Hildegard34411Parksville, BCNews, 29 March 1994born 23 May 1932 in Austria
MORGAN, Frank Cyril26591Victoria, BCProgress, 25 October 1972born at Nanaimo, BC, aged 82 years, wife Gladys died in 1968
MORGAN, Josephine Gladys25427Nanaimo, BCProgress, 20 August 1969born at Bridgetown, Somerset, England, aged 77 years
MORISON, Mrs. William20260?Progress, 22 June 1955born in Sterling, Scotland, aged 93 years, husband died in 1934
MORLEY, Ernest A.21964Victoria, BCProgress, 24 February 1960aged 73 years, wife Daisy M.
MORRES, Winnifred Elizabeth Armstrong23186Nanaimo, BCProgress, 03 July 1963born at Dublin, Ireland, aged 78 years
MORRIS, Herbert William26355Parksville, BCProgress, 01 March 1972born at Portage La Prairie, Manitoba, aged 66 years, wife Peggy
MORRISON, Bessie Alexandra34119Parksville, BCNews, 22 June 1993 & Star, 25 June 1993born 19 June 1909 in Russell, Manitoba, husband Bill
MORROW, Beatrice Rose34182Nanaimo, BCNews, 10 August 1993born 18 May 1913, husband Frederick died in 1973
MORTON, Betty Lu34068?News, 20 April 1993Nee Ferschweiler, died at age 67, husband Bruce, memorial service held in Parksville.
MORTON, Ellen Gertrude23544Nanaimo, BCProgress, 24 June 1964aged 71 years, husband Walter
MOSER, Sarah22669Qualicum Beach, BCProgress, 24 January 1962born in England, aged 56 years, husband Albert Moser, brothers Joe, Robert and John Howe
MUIR, Frederick28984?Progress, 16 May 1979aged 71 years, wife Mary
MUNRO, Cecil Leslie34291Coombs, BCStar, 26 November 1993born 26 June 1922 in Clayton, Ontario, wife Dorothy
MURDOCH, William33851Parksville, BCStar, 09 October 1992born 17 August 1917 at Vancouver, BC, wife Florence
MURDOCH, William33851Parksville, BCStar, 18 September 1992born 17 August 1917 in Vancouver, BC, wife Edith
MURRAY, S. D. Mrs.?Victoria, BCProgress, 04 June 1952
MUSKA, Victoria22413Langford, BCProgress, 17 May 1961born in Poland, aged 84 years
MUSTARD, Harrie34392Nanaimo, BCNews, 08 March 1994born 23 August 1908 in England, aged 85 years, wife Mai
NASEDKIN, Nicholas John (Nick)33558?Star, 29 November 199180 years of age, wife Eleanor
NASH, Charles William26322Victoria, BCProgress, 26 January 1972born in Bristol England in 1880, wife Helen
NASH, Dorothy Lorraine34313Nanaimo, BCStar, 17 December 1993born 12 January 1908 in Seattle, Washington, U.S.A., nee McCauley, husband of 61 years is Richard Madden Nash
NEILSEN, Christian26461Nanaimo, BCProgress, 14 June 1972born at Parish District, Denmark, aged 72 years, wife Edith
NELSON, Melvin33773?Star, 26 June 1992wife Becky
NESS, Ethel34060?News, 06 April 19932 sisters Tut and June
NEWBY, Rhonda Bunbury26500Vancouver, BCProgress, 26 July 1972born at Weymouth, England, aged 71 years, husband George died in 1968
NEWHOVEN, Cornelius Martin (Duke)??Star, 15 November 1991born in Amsterdam, Holland, immigrated in 1913 aged 88 years, first wife Hilda, second wife Mary
NICHOL, Reta Fay34065Victoria, BCNews, 13 April 1993from Parksville, married to Russel, parents were Mr. and Mrs. Earl Dick.
NICOLSON, Judith Carmen28986?Progress, 16 May 1979born in Calgary, Alberta, aged 35 years, husband Alasdair, father Frank Gleishman
NODEN, William George26847Nanaimo, BCProgress, 05 July 1973born at Crain Lake, Minnesota, USA, wife Anna
NORBERG, Gunnar26101Nanaimo, BCProgress, 23 June 1971born in Sweden, aged 80 years, wife Hulda died in 1963
NORTH, Herbert (Bud)34197Victoria, BCNews, 24 August 1993aged 88, wife Maude
NORTHEY, Olive Vera "Wally"34062Parksville, BCStar, 09 April 1993born 4 April 1921 in Oka River, Manitoba, husband Lloyd
NUDD, Ora Louise34286Nanaimo, BCNews, 23 November 1993born at New Westminster, BC, husband Eugene
O'BRENNAN, Morley Victor33971Parksville, BCStar, 08 January 1993aged 65 years, wife Patricia, born 13 January 1927 in Dodsland, Saskatchewan
O'CONNER, Garnet Lorraine34118Parksville, BCNews, 08 June 199378 years old, born 23 June 1914 in Daysland, Alberta, husband Allan.
O'CONNER, Roberta Christina34175Nanoose Bay, BCStar, 30 July 1993aged 75, husband Herb died in 1978, brother Jack Wardrop
O'CONNER, Ruby Marie34462Golden, BCStar, 20 May 1994born 24 October 1909 in Daysland, Alberta, husband Martin died in 1981, brothers Basil and Martin Bergquist
OHLSON, Oscar E.26961Nanaimo, BCProgress, 31 October 1973born in Sweden, aged 70 years, wife Agnes
OLYNYK, Henry George27147Victoria, BCProgress, 08 May 1974born in Nelson, BC, aged 63 years, wife Leona
ORR, Mabel20826Victoria, BCProgress, 09 January 1957born at McLennan's Landing, near Ladner, BC, husband David
ORTH, Calvin D.34354Vancouver, BCNews, 25 January 1994born 01 July 1952 in Langenburg, Saskatchewan, wife Marlene, parents Glenn and Jean Orth
ORUM, Phillip T.26415Qualicum Beach, BCProgress, 03 May 1972aged 60 years, traffic accident
OVERY, Louisa24378?Progress, 05 October 1966born in Yorkshire, England, married husband Henry Gwyn Overy in 1910, he died in May 1947
OZDOBA, Annie Gagnon Shortt34370Nanaimo, BCStar, 11 February 1994born 25 March 1913 in Meech Lake, Quebec
PAKENHAM, Phyllis Ivy26959Nanaimo, BCProgress, 31 October 1973born at Cheltenham, Gloucester, England, aged 71 years, husband James
PALMER, Colin James34405Port Alberni, BCNews, 22 March 1994born in Aldeburgh, England, aged 52 years, wife Joan, mother Alice Palmer
PARENT, Edwardina Marie34329Nanaimo, BCNews, 04 January 1994 & Star, 07 January 1994born 16 June 1914 in St. Genevieve, Manitoba
PARENT, Loretta J.34060Nanaimo, BCNews, 06 April 1993husband Edmond.
PARK, Freda Marjorie33779Qualicum Beach, BCStar, 03 July 1992born 18 May 1896 in Moosomin, Saskatchewan
PARKER, Anne Gwendolyn33533Nanaimo, BCStar, 01 November 1991born 02 September 1909 in Haltwhistle, England, husband Fred died in 1975
PARKER, Bessie Isobel22932Parksville, BCProgress, 17 October 1962 & 24 October 1962born at Portland, Oregon, aged 72 years, husband Albert died in 1954, brother Emmett D. Sword
PARRY, Dalta Florence??Progress, 16 February 1972aged 73 years, husband Hugh
PARRY, Hubert M.29048Nanaimo, BCProgress, 18 July 1979born 17 July 1898 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, wife Edna
PARSLEY, Carrie Louise34031?Star, 12 March 1993husband Harold James (Smokey) Parsley died in October 1967,
PARTRIDGE, Arthur Ralph34496Nanaimo, BCStar, 17 June 1994 & News, 21 June 1994in his 84th year, wife Lily died in 1983, 2nd wife Joan
PATCH, Robert James26367Qualicum Beach, BCProgress, 15 March 1972aged 57 years, wife Edith
PATERSON, Norman Eric26446?Progress, 31 May 1972born at Lucknow, Ontario, aged 74 years, wife Bernice died in 1958
PAUL, James Abraham34088Victoria, BCStar, 07 May 1993born 12 May 1913 in Morse, Saskatchewan
PAUL, William Adam25390?Progress, 16 July 1969born in Scotland in 1902, wife Goldie
PEARSON, Edith Margaret22577Nanaimo, BCProgress, 25 October 1961born in London, England, aged 58 years, husband Einar
PEARSON, H. B.?Lasqueti Island, BCProgress, 12 June 1957aged 82 years, born in England
PEART, Edward Philip28056?Progress, 03 November 1976born in Surbiton, England, aged 64 years, wife Florence died in 1974
PEATY, Stanley Joseph34443Nanaimo, BCNews, 26 April 1994aged 65 years, wife Lynne
PELLEGRINI, Victor26336Nanaimo, BCProgress, 09 February 1972born in Austria, aged 85 years, no known survivors
PELLETIER, Marie Alice33478Greater Niagara General HospitalStar, 20 December 1991in her 69th year, husband Louis
PEPPER, Robert Bruce24226Nanaimo, BCProgress, 04 May 1966aged 1 year 8 months, born in Alert Bay, father Ronald Pepper, mother Florence, grandfather Charles Pepper, grandfather T. A. Hetherington
PERRY, Gordon??Star, 21 January 1994
PERVES, Gregory24808?Progress, 06 December 1967aged 81 years
PETERS, John Charles "Jack"34043Nanaimo, BCNews, 23 March 1993 & Star, 19 March 1993born 19 March 1919 in Calgary, Alberta, wife Mary
PHILLIPPE, Albert Herbert22737?Progress, 04 April 1962aged 70 years, wife Evelyn
PHILLIPS, Margaret26935Vancouver, BCProgress, 03 October 1973born at Carleton Place, Ontario, aged 66 years, brothers George, Hamilton and David Findlay
PICKARD, Maurine Valentine33745Parksville, BCStar, 29 May 1992born 13 September 1927 in Calgary, Alberta, husband Bill
PISTELL, Mary Melrose34442Saanich, BCStar, 29 April 1994husband Bill
PITT, Ted34046Parksville, BCStar and News, 23 March 1993
PLASHKA, Alexander Paul34223Nanaimo, BCStar 17 September 1993 & News 21 September 1993born 20 June 1924 in Wahstao, Alberta, wife Nettie
PLEASANCE, Isabella Phyllis33929Parksville, BCStar, 04 December 1992born 17 June 1915 in England, husband Bill died in January 1990
PLETTI, Lewis Emery19894Mount Arrowsmith, BCProgress, 23 June 1954aged 60 years
PLOURDE, Marie Lila33585?Star, 20 December 1991aged 58 years, husband Des died in 1979
PLOWENS, Norma Lillian34398?Star, 11 March 1994aged 53 years, husband Hans, mother Hedy (Len) Norris, father Karl Stutzel
PLOWRIGHT, Chalres Allen34498Nanaimo, BCStar, 17 June 1994 & News, 21 June 1994aged 82, wife of 56 years is Myrtle, brother Lewis Edwards
PLUMMER, Frank26566?Progress, 27 September 1972aged 87 years, wife Ethel died in 1965
POCOCK, Montague25269The Pas, ManitobaProgress, 26 March 1969born in England, wife Alice
POOCK, Frederick27954Texada Island, BCProgress, 28 July 1976aged 90 years, wife Edith
POOLE, Bill34410?Star, 25 March 1994wife Yvonne
POPHAM, Edith Marian?Vancouver, BCProgress, 29 June 1966born in Moosimin, Saskatchewan, father C.E.Park, husband Reverend Charles Home Popham (Vicar of St. Anne's Church in the 1920's)(Edith nee Park)
PORTER. John Thompson?Nanaimo, BCProgress, 02 October 1963born at Woodbridge, Ontario, aged 85 years
POTIER, John Charles Ollivier33879Nanaimo, BCStar, 09 October 1992aged 92 years, wife Belle
POTIER, Oliver?OntarioProgress, 03 May 1967age 36 years, Sergeant with RCAF, died in airplane crash, Uncle Jack Potier
POWELL, Ruth33798Nanaimo, BCStar, 24 July 1992husband George
POWELL, Verna Ellen (Nellie)27989?Progress, 25 August 1976born in Egermont, Alberta, aged 60 years, husband Win
PRICE, George34063Victoria, BCStar, 16 April 1993deceased from Regina, Saskatchewan, was 72 years of age, wife was Alma, funeral held in Regina.
PRITCHARD, John22412Qualicum Beach, BCProgress, 17 May 1961born at Birmingham, England, aged 82 years, wife Mary Elizabeth
PROSSER, William Henry33728Denver, Colorado, U.S.A.Star, 22 May 1992born 31 May 1934 in Meath Park, Saskatchewan, wife Betty, listed as "Captain"
PROUT, Jane Armstrong28905Nanaimo, BCProgress, 28 February 1979husband William J.
PROWSE, Richard Jim29742Nanaimo, BCProgress, 16 June 1981born 30 December 1893 in Nanaimo, BC, wife Dorothy Kate
PURDON, Jean D.34265Nanaimo, BCNews, 26 October 1993nee Galloway, husband Jim, father Thomas Galloway
QUARIN, Maria Tarcisia33719Parksville, BCStar, 01 May 1992born 12 November 1912 in Province of Udine, Italy, 78 years old, husband Frank died in 1981
QUINN, Emma Margaret28860Nanaimo, BCProgress, 17 January 1979born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, aged 63, husband Emery L. Quinn died in 1970
RADZIK, Marilda Elizabeth (May)33720?Star, 01 May 1992born in 1919 in Boniface, Manitoba, 73 years old, husband Stan
RAILTON, James33781?Star, 03 July 1992wife Clare
RAMSAY, Eileen21955Quesnel, BCProgress, 24 February 1960nee Eileen Snowden
RAMSAY, William Hall34494Nanaimo, BCNews, 21 June 1994aged 84 years, wife Eva
RANDALL, Lillian27190Nanaimo, BCProgress, 19 June 1974aged 89 years, brothers Frank and Oliver Wall
RATHBONE, Frederick Delmer34442Nanaimo, BCNews, 26 April 1994born 03 July 1932 in Penticton, BC, wife Merle
RAWLINS, Sarah20819Duncan, BCProgress, 03 January 1957born in Salisbury, England, aged 73 years, husband Henry died in 1937
RAYNER, "Charlie"34235Nanaimo, BCStar, 01 October 1993in his 79th year, wife Rose
RAYNER, Horace Thorley22115Nanaimo, BCProgress, 20 July 1960born in Kilmwick, East York, England, aged 87 years, wife Emily
REBBECK, Sharon Anne33547?Star, 15 November 1991aged 42 years, husband John, mother Violet Cox
REDDICK, Bruce Todd33515?Star, 11 October 1991aged 48
REDDYHOFF, Flora M.22121Comox, BCProgress, 27 July 1960aged 64 years, father Henry Dougan, husband Percy
REEKS, Marvin Allan34348Victoria, BCNews, 18 January 1994 & Star, 21 January 1994born 05 January 1957 in Peterborough, Ontario, died in motor vehicle accident, parents Kent and Lou Reeks
REID, Amy Elizabeth34413Qualicum Beach, BCStar, 01 April 1994born on 15 March 1901 in Nanoose, BC, (mother Marie Bob, father Johnny Frank), married George Reid in 1921, marriage lasted 62 years
REID, Amy Elizabeth34413Qualicum Beach, BCStar, 25 March 1994 & News, 29 March 1994born 15 March 1901 in Nanoose, BC, married George in 1921
REID, Andrew Cunningham27966?Progress, 04 August 1976born in Kilwinning, Scotland, aged 72 years
REID, James Craig33902Qualicum Beach, BCStar, 30 October, 1992born 27 August 1909 in Saltcoats, Scotland, first wife Ina died in 1970, second wife Ruby died in 1985, third wife Isabelle
REID, Kathleen Jane34230Cowichan, BCStar, 28 September 1993born 17 November 1913 in Victoria, BC, parents John and Jane Bardsley, husband Alexander
REID, William Cornelius33974Bowser, BCStar, 15 January 1993born 27 July 1909 in Welsford, Kings County, Nova Scotia, wife Vera
RENNIE, Rhondi Lea25926Qualicum Beach, BCProgress, 06 January 1971aged 19years, born in Nanaimo, mother and step father Mr. and Mrs. John Bergman
RENZ, Otto27405Victoria, BCProgress, 22 January 1975born in Nebraska City, USA on 19 March 1877, aged 97 years, wife Agnes died in 1920, father Otto Renz
REYNOLDS, Stanley Stephen Henry28999Victoria, BCProgress, 06 June 1979aged 72 years, wife Ethel
REYNOLDS, Winston Allenby34250Nanaimo, BCNews, 19 October 1993born 20 November 1918 in Jamaica, wife Viola
RICHARDSON, Cyril Tracey22668Victoria, BCProgress, 31 January 1962born in Trembett Gove, England, wife Florence
RICHES, Allen Maurice34414Parksville, BCNews, 29 March 1994born 09 August 1926 in Scarborough, Ontario, wife Ruth
RICHMOND, Mary Kathleen25808Nanaimo, BCProgress, 02 September 1970born at London, England, aged 73 years, husband Gustavus
RIDDOCH, Charles Kingsley (King)33498?Star, 27 September 1991
RINVOLD, Lars28874Hilliers, BCProgress 24 January 1979born in Rindal, Norway, aged 80 years, wife Anne
ROBERTS, Aubrey George28297?Progress, 29 June 1977born in Birmingham, England, aged 58 years, wife Joyce
ROBERTS, Ellen Marie22691Nanaimo, BCProgress, 21 February 1962born in Denmark, aged 84 years, husband James Roberts died in 1936, son Count Bjarne Kirchoff
ROBERTS, Gordon Winfield26527Coombs, BCProgress, 23 August 1972born at London, Ontario, aged 70 years, wife Ethel
ROBILLARD, Edward Andrew Joseph34170?News, 27 July 1993born 28 November 1944, wife Maureen, parents Yvette and Rosaire
ROBINSON, Betty33958Nanaimo, BCStar, 31 December 1992born 11 September 1920 in Stainds, England, husband Ben
ROBINSON, Norman William34151Nanaimo, BCNews, 06 July 1993Mother Fay Fitton died 11 June 1993, father William Robinson died in February 1993
ROGERS, James34411Nanaimo, BCStar, 25 March 1994wife Helen
ROLLO, Lloyd Wilson34031Parksville, BCStar, 12 March 1993born 26 December 1918 in Carmangay, Alberta, wife Bernie
ROWBOTHAM, Annie Belford22455Victoria, BCProgress, 28 June 1961aged 73 years, brother Reuben Marritt
ROWBOTTOM, Herbert Arthur34011Nanaimo, BCStar, 19 February 1993born 05 June 1911 in Alert Bay, BC, wife Jean
ROWELL, Archie23574Nanaimo, BCProgress, 22 July 1964born in London, England, aged 86 years
ROZMARNIEWICH, Walter34306Victoria, BCStar, 17 December 1993born 02 August 1993
RUFFELL, Frederick George33698?Star, 17 April 1992born in Victoria in 1925, age 66 years
RUMMEL, Frederick Charles33523French Creek, BCStar, 01 November 1991in his 84th year, wife Margaret died in 1986
RUNOLFSON, Eliza Elizabeth22709Port Alberni, BCProgress, 07 March 1962born in Luceland, Saskatchewan, aged 50 years, died in car accident, husband Emilbrothers Ivan, Charles, Jay, and Johnny Higgins
RUSHTON, Ernest24242?Progress, 25 May 1966in his 64th year, wife Mollie
RUSSELL, Sydney27768Parksville, BCProgress, 14 January 1976born in Birmingham, England, aged 68 years, wife Zerena
RUSSILL, A. Howard33925?Star, 27 November 1992first wife Rhoda died in 1969, second wife Joan (Morin)
RYAN, Arthur?False Bay, BCProgress, 01 November 1961died in fishing accident, wife Helen
RYE, Donna34460?News, 10 May 1994aged 53 years, husband Michael
RYE, Michael Dean34042?News, 23 June 199318 years old, son of Danny and Randi Rye of Gold River, BC, great-grandfather Arthur Johannsen of Norway, grandparents Orlan and Lois Rye,
SALMON, Leonard?Nanaimo, BCProgress, 28 March 1962born in London, England, aged 73 years
SANDERS, Elsie Sarah34347?News, 25 January 1994born 22 July 1894 in Victoria, BC, husband Ewart died in 1966
SANDERSON, Spencer25335Altamont Private HospitalProgress, 22 May 1969aged 96 years
SANDS, Mildred Doreen22415Victoria, BCProgress, 17 May 1961Born at Fitmore, Saskatchewan, aged 41 years, husband Alan Edward, father Gavin Guy Russell
SAUNDERS, C.D. "Buster"34060Nanaimo, BCStar, 09 April 1993born 4 September 1904,married 24 November 1924 to Clara Irvine, parents Mary and Murdock,
SAUNDERS, Godfrey??Progress, 14 September 1960
SAUNDERS, Gordon A.?Nanaimo, BCStar, 27 November 1992born 20 November 1929 in Bracebridge, Ontario, parents Jack and Emma Saunders, wife Barbara
SAVAGE, William (Bill) Johnston34316Nanaimo, BCStar, 17 December 1993born 16 September 1920 in Belfast, Ireland
SAWYER, David Woodhouse33936Victoria, BCStar, 04 December 1992born 27 January 1920 in Qualicum Beach, BC, wife Marion Grace (Ball), father Thomas Humphrey Sawyer, mother Constance E. Sawyer
SCANTLAND, Mark26294New Westminster, BCProgress, 05 January 1972born at Ottawa, Ontario, aged 87 years, wife Lucy died in 1949
SCHELLENBERG, David34000Nanaimo, BCStar, 05 February 1993in his 62nd year, wife Elizabeth
SCHOFIELD, Samuel A.26575Nanaimo, BCProgress, 12 October 1972born at Stalybridge, England, aged 88 years, wife Minnie died in 1970
SCHOMAKER, Walt?Nanaimo, BCNews, 23 March 1993wife Pauline
SCOBEE, James Woodford33578Nanaimo, BCStar, 20 December 1991
SCOFIELD, Gordon34280?News, 16 November 1993aged 76 years, wife Catherine (Bunty)
SCOTT, Thomas34170Victoria, BCNews, 27 July 1993 & Star, 30 July 1993born 15 December 1916 in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, wife Margaret
SELLARS, Sydney Langland26545Nanaimo, BCProgress, 07 September 1972born at Dundee, Scotland, aged 63 years, wife Isabella
SETTLER, Mary34379Qualicum Beach, BCStar, 18 February 1994 & News, 22 February 1994born 17 April 1906 in Mafeking, Manitoba, husband of 57 years was Ted who died in 1992
SEWARD, Tracey25293Nanaimo, BCProgress, 09 April 1969infant, father Jack Stewart, grandfather Samuel Bob, grandfather Charlie Seward
SHAMBROOK, Albert??Progress, 28 May 1969aged 72 years, wife Kathleen, daughter Dorothy Harnish
SHARMAN, Helen26303?Progress, 09 February 1972in her 46th year, husband Orval
SHARPE, Margaret25343Nanaimo, BCProgress, 22 May 1969aged 69 years, husband Charles
SHAW, Joh Ross "Jack"34267Nanaimo, BCNews, 02 November 1993 & Star, 05 November 1993born 31 October 1914 in Walkerton, Ontario, Parents William McNairn Shaw and Agnes Mary (nee Robertson), married wife Lillian (nee Plante) of Kenora, Ontario in 1944
SHAYNE, Elizabeth Mary26955Nanaimo, BCProgress, 24 October 1973born at Belfast, Ireland, aged 53 years, husband Nicholas
SHELLY, Murray Talsman26829Nanaimo, BCProgress, 20 June 1973aged 64 years, born in Vancouver, BC
SHEPPARD, Janice Mary33575Nanaimo, BCStar, 06 December 1991born in Oxford, England, 47 years of age, parents James and Eileen Betts
SHIEL, Ronald Robert34089Nanaimo, BCStar, 07 May 1993born 03 September 1993 in Trenton, Ontario
SHOEMAKER, Jamie34137Parksville, BCNews, 29 June 1993born 02 June 1975 in Port Alberni, parents Glen and Paulette Shoemaker, grandparents Jack and Angela Gauthier
SHORTER, Ernest?White Rock, BCStar, 18 September 1992wife Irma
SHORTER, Imma Evelyn??Star, 13 August 1993nee Sweeten, memorial service 11 September 1993 in Nanaimo, BC, husband Ernest
SHUMKA, Wendy Joanne34182Parksville, BCStar, 13 August 1993 & News, 10 August 1993mother Marlene, born March 1963
SIEBEN, Arthur Anthony34019Nanaimo, BCStar, 26 February 1993born 19 January 1914 in Macklin, Saskatchewan, wife Renee
SIGURDSON, George34228?Star, 28 September 1993wife Eveline, born August 1919
SILMAN, John R.26310?Progress, 19 January 1972born in Cambridge, England, aged 89 years, wife Elizabeth died in April 1962
SILMAN, Mary Elizabeth22750Victoria, BCProgress, 18 April 1962born in Nottingham, England, aged 79 years, husband John Silman
SILVER, Elizabeth Ellen28053Nanaimo, BCProgress, 27 October 1976born in Lancashire, England, aged 85 years, husband James died in 1957
SILVEY, Frank26467Francis Point, BCProgress, 21 June 1972aged 72 years, wife Violet, died on his fishing boat
SIMMONS, A. E.??Progress, 18 May 1966wife Emilia
SIMONE, Frances Elizabeth (Betty)34192Qualicum Beach, BCNews, 17 August 1993husband Philip (Pete), brother Dr. Jack Thompson
SIMPSON, Anne Irene33524Nanaimo, BCStar, 25 October 1991aged 72 years, husband Lloyd, mother Jean Smith, born 19 May 1919 in Aldergrove, BC
SIMPSON, Lloyd (Laddie)34139Nanaimo, BCNews, 29 June 1993wife Ann,
SINCLAIR, Charlotte Mary26354Nanaimo, BCProgress, 01 March 1972born in Iowa, USA, aged 84 years, husband Malcolm died in 1964
SINGLETON, Harold Dennis33563?Star, 29 November 1991aged 73 years, wife Cae
SISSONS, Reginald Crease34481Nanaimo, BCStar, 03 June 1994born 27 May 1914 in Vancouver, BC, wife of 50 years is Freda
SKELLEY, Harry Francis34495Nanaimo, BCStar, 17 June 1994born 13 August 1906 in Scotland
SLOAT, Frank F.33590Nanaimo, BCStar, 24 December 1991aged 74 years, first wife Lavelda died in 1974, second wife Margaret
SMART, Donald Cameron33775Parksville, BCStar, 26 June 1992born 28 March 1922 in Aberfeldy, Scotland, wife Thelma
SMART, Dorothy33592Parksville, BCStar, 03 January 1992husband Gordon
SMEDLEY, Rose Mabel21960Nanaimo, BCProgress, 17 February 1960born in Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales, husband George Arthur
SMITH, Alexander Fleming33862Victoria, BCStar, 02 October 1992wife Eleanor, born in Vancouver, BC
SMITH, Edward Alexander24227Nanaimo, BCProgress, 04 May 1966born in New Brunswick, aged 96 years, wife Violet Isobel
SMITH, Emma28039Rest Haven HospitalProgress, 13 October 1976born in Kent, England, aged 86 years, husband Alfred
SMITH, Frank25440Victoria, BCProgress, 27 August 1969aged 73
SMITH, Harold22671Victoria, BCProgress, 31 January 1962wife Caroline
SMITH, Herbert22636Parksville, BCProgress, 04 January 1962born at Southport, Lancashire, England, aged 85 years, wife Edith
SMITH, Ida Frances Lague20988Nanaimo, BCProgress, 19 June 1957aged 71 years, born in England
SMITH, Mary22083Port Alberni, BCProgress, 22 June 1960born in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, husband Ernest
SMITH, Richard George24383Nanaimo, BCProgress, 05 October 1966born in Glasgow, Scotland, aged 85 years, wife Selina
SMITH, Richard W. "Dick"34051?News, 06 April 1993born 19 Jan 1918 in Glasgow, Scotland, wife Margaret
SMITH, Thomas Alfred34394Nanaimo, BCStar, 11 March 1994born 31 December 1915 in Kitchener, Ontario, aged 78 years, wife Sheila
SMITH, Wallace (Wally)34300Nanaimo, BCNews, 07 December 1993in his 74th year
SMYTH, Charles Douglas23184DVA HospitalProgress, 26 June 1963born in London, Enlgnad, was 80 years old, wife Mildred died in 1958
SMYTH, Charles Douglas23184Victoria, BCProgress, 03 July 1963born in London, England, aged 80 years
SMYTH, Harold Vincent29026Nanaimo, BCProgress, 27 June 1979aged 88 years, wife Robina (Ruby)
SMYTH, Mary17887Victoria, BCProgress, 22 December 1948born in London, England
SNYDER, Alice Eleanor33692?Star, 17 April 1992born in Sudbury, Ontario, nee Mitchell, husband of 52 years Horace
SNYDER, Wendell Oliver34336?News, 11 January 1994 & Star, 07 January 1994aged 67 years, wife Thelma died in 1989
SNYDER, William Lance33787Parksville, BCStar, 10 July 1992born 21 November 1970 in Port Alberni, BC, parents Bonnie & Graham Snyder, grandparents Roy & Bev Willston, grandmother Helen Comeau
SORENSEN, Bernard (Bernie)34284Nanaimo, BCStar, 19 November 1993born 09 August 1926 in Denmark
SOUTAR, Ella May33606?Star, 10 January 1992aged 93 years, brothers Norman, Lawrence and Roy Blashill, husband James died in 1973
SPOONER, Lillie Margaret34462?News, 17 May 1994born 31 October 1915, husband Slim
STANGE, William Paul??Progress, 15 March 1972born in Germany, aged 61 years, wife Margaret
STAPLETON, Alva Norman22758?Progress, 25 April 1962aged 70 years, wife Agnes
STARTUP, Isabel34161Nanaimo, BCNews, 20 July 1993husband Edwin, brother Sid Brown
STEED, John28094Victoria, BCProgress, 08 December 1976born in Glasgow, Scotland, aged 76 years, wife Blanche
STEPHEN, Robert James34297?News, 30 November 1993born in Aberdeen, Scotland in 1917, first wife Margaret, second wife Paula
STEPHENS, David John??Progress, 23 February 1972born in Wales, aged 75 years, wife Katherine
STEPHENS, Joseph33544?Star, 15 November 199180 years old, wife Elizabeth
STETS, Frank John34340Port Alberni, BCNews, 18 January 1994born in Montreal, Quebec, aged 74 years, wife Kay
STEVENS, Audrey Marie??Progress, 23 March 1960born in Woodstock, Ontario, aged 66 years, husband John Laman Stevens, brother J. B. Abraham
STEWART, Alice Beck22693Nanaimo, BCProgress, 21 February 1962born in England, aged 79 years, husband William Lewis Stewart died in 1956, brother Sydney Beck
STEWART, Ruby33623Nanaimo, BCStar, 31 January 1992in her 90th year, first husband Vern Hall, second husband Bill Stewart
STILLMAN, Harold W. (Don)34439Nanaimo, BCNews, 26 April 1994born 15 July 1924 at Kentville, Nova Scotia, wife Eleanor
STIMPSON, J. Daveda34267?Star, 05 November 1993 & News, 09 November 1993at age 61 years, husband Henry Alan Stimpson
STOLTZ, Kenneth William34050Nanaimo, BCNews and Starborn 21 December 1933 in Lake Lenore, Saskatchewan, wife Audie, Parents Nickolas and Mary
STONE, Henry Borden??Progress, 13 July 1960born at Gore Bay, Ontario, aged 32 years
STOREY, Matthew John (Matt)34048Nanaimo, BCStar, 26 March 1993 & News85 years old, wife Vera James
STOVE, William22496Nanaimo, BCProgress, 16 August 1961born at Saltspring Island, BC, aged 74 years
STOVELL, Harold22743?Progress, 11 April 1962born in London, England, aged 82 years, wife Mabel
STOVELL, Harry22863Victoria, BCProgress, 08 August 1962born in Croyden, England, Funeral held in Langley, wife Alison
STRAND, Kathleen24255?Progress, 01 June 1966aged 66 years, husband Oliver died 2 years ago
STRATTON, Norman Victor34390?News, 01 March 1994aged 74 years, wife Grace
STROME, Edward Alexander??Progress, 26 September 1962born at Harrison, Ontario, aged 75 years, wife Elizabeth, mother Matilda Strome
STROUTS, Ella Florence23858Nanaimo, BCProgress, 05 May 1965aged 70 years
STROUTS, Robert Frank??Progress, 30 June 1971born in Tuam, County Galway, Ireland, aged 93 years
STRUDWICK, Joan Audry34368?News, 22 February 1994
STUART, Florence Marion33931Parksville, BCStar, 04 December 1992 & Star, 11 December 1993born 08 November 1906 in Toronto, Ontario
STUBLEY, Leslie27772Nanaimo, BCProgress, 21 January 1976born in Middlesbrough, Yorkshire, England, aged 60 years, wife Joan
STUDD, A. J.20837Vancouver, BCProgress, 30 January 1957
STULTZ, Marion Stewart34077Nanaimo, BCStar, 23 April 1993born 09 June 1934, service in Parksville.
STYGER, Louis27149Nanaimo, BCProgress, 08 May 1974born in Ladysmith, BC, aged 71 years, wife Vera died in 1954
SUMMERFELT, Eda Rosetta?Edmonton, AlbertaProgress, 27 July 1960husband Gordon
SUMMERSIDES, John34487Nanaimo, BCStar, 10 June 1994born 25 April 1928 in Brooklyn, New York, wife Gloria
SUMNER, Beatrice A.26382Nanaimo, BCProgress, 29 March 1972born at Boston, Massachusetts, USA, husband Charles died in 1969, brother George Constable
SUNDERLAND, Ean Victor Pearce34451Qualicum Beach, BCStar, 06 May 1994 & News, 03 May 1994born 20 May 1924 in Duncan, BC, Commander R.C.N., wife Nancy
SWINDELL, Lillian28649?Progress, 21 June 1978in her 91st year, husband William S. died in 1950
SWITZER, Carl Gary34304Nanoose Bay, BCNews, 07 December 1993 & Star, 10 December 1993born 01 December 1974 in Victoria, BC, parents Garry and Pam, grandfather Fred Switzer, grandparents Gorden Stewart and Joan Stewart
SZEPAT, Emma Ida27931Nanaimo, BCProgress, 23 June 1976born in Gronau, Germany, aged 56 years, husband Albert
TAYLOR, A. H. (Curly)34388Comox, BCNews, 01 March 1994 & Star, 04 March 1994aged 85 years, wife Mary
TAYLOR, Charles William27952Qualicum Beach, BCProgress, 14 July 1976born in Nanaimo, BC, aged 45 years, wife Joan
TAYLOR, Elmer Leslie34013Qualicum Beach, BCStar, 19 February 1993aged 64 years, wife Ada
TAYLOR, Nettie25285Horne Lake, BCProgress, 26 March 1969aged 68 years, brothers George and Frank Smith
TAYLOR, Nettie25285Qualicum Beach, BCProgress, 09 April 1969aged 68 years, husband James, brothers George and Frank Smith
TEMPLEMAN, Gwendolyn Margarite33952Columbia Beach, BCStar, 15 January 1993born 31 May 1914 in Vancouver, BC, husband Leslie deceased, brother Dr. Roy Trythall
TEMPLEMAN, Leslie Eric27958Victoria, BCProgress, 28 July 1976aged 64 years, wife Gwen
THEIS, Jack22735San Diego, California, USAProgress, 11 April 1962born in 01 April 1903 in Manchester, England, wife Maureen
THOMAS, Alexander John??Progress, 16 February 1972born at Castle Carry, Somerset, England, aged 81 years, wife Bessie, celebrated golden anniversary in 1971
THOMPSON, Charles Alfred27266Nanaimo, BCProgress, 28 August 1974born at Hull, England, aged 70 years, wife Mary
THOMPSON, Ernest Charles34353Nanoose Bay, BCNews, 25 January 1994 & Star, 28 January 1994born 02 March 1924 in Saanich, BC, wife of 42 years Velma
THOMSON, Audrey34365Victoria, BCStar, 04 February 1994born 25 March 1933 in Port Alberni, BC, nee Ross, mother Elizabeth Ross
THOMSON, Leslie23555Nanaimo, BCProgress, 02 July 1964born at Gault, Ontario, aged 54 years
THORESON, Louis E.26305Victoria, BCProgress, 12 January 1972aged 69 years, wife Lillian
THORNE, George Charles33531Nanaimo, BCStar, 25 October 1991born in England. 87 years of age, wife Edith died June 1985
THORNE, William Thomas24646Nanaimo, BCProgress, 05 July 1967born at Newcastle, England, aged 69 years, Doctor, wife Marion
THORPE, Elsie May34288?News, 23 November 1993born 08 February 1893 in Southhampton, England, age 100 years
THORSELL, Gustave34335Nanaimo, BCStar, 07 Janaury 1994aged 93 years, wife Miriam died in January 1987
THURLBORN, Mignonette Maud28088Campbell River, BCProgress, 01 December 1976born in Saltwats, N.W.T., aged 84 years, husband Frank
THWAITES, Kathleen??Progress, 21 September 1966born in Courtenay, BC, aged 81 years, husband Edgar Dundas Thwaites died in 1965
TIMMS, Caroline29748Nanaimo, BCProgress, 16 June 1981aged 89 years, husband Walter Douglas died in 1972
TIMMS, Walter Douglas26426Nanaimo, BCProgress, 03 May 1972born in Leicester, Leicestershire, England in 1888, wife Irene Caroline
TINDILL, Laurence Edward28031Nanaimo, BCProgress, 06 October 1976born in England, aged 85 years, wife Annie
TIPPETT, Charles17855Nanaimo, BCProgress, 24 November 1948wife Laura
TOEWS, William25416Nanaimo, BCProgress, 06 August 1969born at St. Anns, Manitoba, aged 61 years, wife Alvina
TOMLINSON, Charles Robert Lewis (Chuck)33915?Star, 20 November 1992aged 84, sister Lil
TOPLIFFE, Frank Charles25295Nanaimo, BCProgress, 09 April 1969born in Mitcham, Surrey, England, aged 89 years, wife Ada
TOWNSEND, Alan Edward26591Nanaimo, BCProgress, 25 October 1972born at Victoria, BC, aged 60 years, wife Kathleen
TRAFFORD, Frederick Charles26960Qualicum Beach, BCProgress, 31 October 1973born at Regina, Saskatchewan, aged 66 years, wife Marion died in 1963
TRETHEWEY, Kym Ashlee33871Nanaimo, BCStar, 02 October 1992born 24 October 1976 at Nanaimo, BC, parents Ralph and Jean, grandparents Bill and Sheen McClure, greatgrandmother Avis McClure
TRILL, Evelyn34475Port Alberni, BCNews, 21 June 1994born 16 February 1927 in Parksville, BC, nee Hirst
TROUBRIDGE, Ruby34116Nanaimo, BCNews , 08 June 1993 and Star, 11 June 1993Husband Ernest died in 1991, born in London England in 1910
TRUMPER, Alexander Frank Charles27970Qualicum Beach, BCProgress, 04 August 1976born in Dover, Kent, England in 1906, aged 70, wife Ivy
TURLEY, Florence Ramsay26315Nanaimo, BCProgress, 26 January 1972born at Nanoose Bay, BC, aged 76, husband Walter died in 1964
TURLEY, Jeanne Clotilde34342Nanaimo, BCNews, 18 January 1994born 16 June 1925 in Mission, BC, brothers Robert, Allan and Glen Stickland, husband Leslie John died in 1989
TURNBULL, James E. (Jim)33794Nanaimo, BCStar, 17 July 1992wife Anne is deceased
TURNER, Alexander25434Langford, BCProgress, 27 August 1969aged 88 years, wife Amy, son Alex W. Turner
TUTTE, Frederick William22942Nanaimo, BCProgress, 31 October 1962born at Portsmouth, England, aged 68 years, wife Louisa died in 1954
TWEEDHOPE, James Lees22873Nanaimo, BCProgress, 22 August 1962born at Edinburgh, Scotland, aged 75 years, wife Clara Pear
TYSDAL, Maynard Archie34347Qualicum Beach, BCNews, 18 January 1994born 25 May 1910 in Mitchell, South Dakota, wife Enid
UNDERWOOD, Annie22425Victoria, BCProgress, 31 May 1961aged 70 years, husband Percy John died in 1950
UNLAND, Edith34241?News, 02 November 1993husband John
URBAN, Ralph Edward33986Parksville, BCStar, 29 January 1993born 27 July 1918 in Yorkton, Saskatchewan, wife Katherine
URIE, Matthew, Dr.33893Nanaimo, BCStar, 23 October 1992born 05 November 1910 in Paisley, Scotland, wife Valentine
VAN APPELEN, Jacqueline33832Oliver, BCStar, 28 August 1992aged 75 years, immigrated from Holland in 1952
VAN HORNE, Wilbert Cornelius (Neil)33499?Star, 27 September 1991aged 71 years, wife Elaine
VAN HORNE, Wilbert Matthew22939Coombs, BCProgress, 24 October 1962born in Ontario, aged 66 years, wife Alice Ellen Mary
VAN OYEN, Frederick Herman34424Victoria, BCStar, 07 April 1994 & News, 12 April 1994aged 66 years, wife Judith
VAN ROMPAEY, Fernand A. A.34196Nanaimo, BCStar, 20 August 1993born 11 November 1927 in Antwerp, Belgium
VAN RYSSEL, Arsene33864?Star, 25 September 199271 years of age, wife Cathy
VAUSE, Eileen Isabella34314Nanaimo, BCStar, 17 December 1993aged 77 years, husband Haldane Vause died in 1976
VIDLER, Raymond Anthony Wakefield28071Victoria, BCProgress, 17 November 1976wife Peggy
VOSE, Sybil M.33969Nanaimo, BCStar, 08 January 1993born in London, England
WADDELL, Murray B.34041Victoria, BCNews, 23 March 1993aged 79 years, wife G. Helen
WADE, Vera Lillian23547Victoria, BCProgress, 24 June 1964born in Riverglade, New Brunswick, brother George Magee
WALKER, Margaret Helen33767?Star, 19 June 1992in her 69th year, born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, mother Alice Herron
WALKEY, John Alexander26815Parksville, BCProgress, 06 June 1973born at Newdale, Manitoba, aged 71 years, wife Lois
WALL, Mary Elizabeth26480Nanaimo, BCProgress, 05 July 1972born at Wellington, BC, husband Alfred Thomas
WALLACE, Margaret Elma26413Nanaimo, BCProgress, 03 May 1972born in Ottawa, Ontario, aged 60 years, husband John, brothers Ronald and Maxwell Whitehorn
WALLACE, Wylie Alexander33871Parksville, BCStar, 02 October 1992born 21 November 1902 in Toronto, Ontario
WALSH, Harold33622Nanaimo, BCStar, 31 January 199282 years
WALSH, Mary Maureen34370Nanaimo, BCStar, 11 February 1994 and News, 15 February 1994born 06 May 1923 in Wales, husband Robert
WARD, Carl Reid27185Nanaimo, BCProgress, 12 June 1974born in River Herbert, Nova Scotia, aged 70 years, wife Phyllis
WARD, Lucy Emma28635Victoria, BCProgress, 07 June 1978aged 94
WARD-MORAN, Ivy Ada Marion33750Nanaimo, BCStar, 05 June 1992husband Jack died in 1986
WARNOCK, Elizabeth Margaret26896Nanaimo, BCProgress, 29 August 1973born in Helensburgh, Scotland, aged 52 years, husband Ronald, brother Douglas Mitchell
WARREN, Elizabeth May34096Nanaimo, BCStar, 14 May 1993aged 80, born in Ogema, Saskatchewan,
WARRINGTON, Denis William34374Nanaimo, BCNews, 15 February 1994 & Star, 18 February 1994born 17 March 1916 in Mexboro, England, wife Elsie
WATKINS, Chester Bramwell34305Comox, BCNews, 14 December 1993born 30 August 1915 in Elnora, Alberta, wife Jean
WATSON, William de Norman (Bucko)33640?Star, 14 February 1992Colonel
WATTS, Phillip John Bonnin25277?Progress, 19 March 1969aged 67 years, wife Mollie
WEBER, Gordon26077Nanaimo, BCProgress, 02 June 1971born at Dundee, Ontario, aged 85 years
WEBSTER, Emma Elizabeth?Victoria, BCProgress, 10 October 1962born in Doncaster, England, aged 87 years, husband Glenn L. Webster died in 1956
WEBSTER, Peter Butchart21957Victoria, BCProgress, 16 March 1960born in Scotland, aged 61 years, wife Margaret
WEEKS, Sarah Beatrice34243?News, 12 October 1993aged 77 years of Nanoose
WEILER, Laura Alice33805?Star, 31 July 1992born 11 October 1915 in Bear River, Nova Scotia, husband Theodore (Ted)
WELBURN, Leslie William26458?Progress, 14 June 1972aged 47 years, wife Ellen,
WELCH, Bessie Agnes27842Nanaimo, BCProgress, 31 March 1976born in Gibsons Landing, BC, aged 82 years, husband Arthur E. V. Welch
WELLS, George Munroe34469?News, 31 May 1994born at Jasper, Alberta, aged 65 years, wife Elfie, step-mother Dora Wells
WENGER, Adolf34233Nanaimo, BCNews, 05 October 1993 & Star, 28 September 1993born 21 February 1993 in Switzerland, wife Flora
WEST, Ruth Ingaba??Progress, 04 April 1962husband Oliver H. West
WESTLIN, Freda33612Port Alberni, BCStar, 17 January 199267 years, husband Francis, parents William and Helen
WESTLIND, Mabel Anna34404?Star, 18 March 1994born 08 November 1899 in Hancock, Wisconsin, USA, husband Oscar died in 1955
WESTWOOD, "Gwen" Mavis Gwendoline34109Salmon Arm, BCNews, 01 June 1993born 25 June 1923 in Revelstoke, BC, Husband "Bill" William
WESTWOOD, Doris Elizabeth28059Nanaimo, BCProgress, 03 November 1976born in Kingston, Ontario, aged 67, husband George, father F. Jewson
WHEELER, Frank Alexander23503?Progress, 13 May 1964wife Marie
WHITE, James Harrison (Jimmie)34352Qualicum Beach, BCStar, 28 January 1994 & News, 01 February 1994born in Glasgow, Scotland, aged 78 years, parents William and Lily (Harrison) White, wife Betty
WHITE, Mary Kathryn33986Nanaimo, BCStar, 22 January 1993born in 1917 in Calgary, Alberta, husband of 54 years Ray
WHITE, Thomas Irwin James (Jim)34009Victoria, BCStar, 19 February 1993born 07 August 1918 in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, wife Beverly
WHITEHEAD, Eva27964Nanaimo, BCProgress, 28 July 1976born in Lancaster, England, aged 78 years, husband Cecil died 15 years ago
WHITEHEAD, Gladys33888Parksville, BCStar, 23 October 1992born in 1904 in England, husband Stan
WICKER, Grace Winifred34037Nanaimo, BCStar, 19 March 199396th year, husband Stanley George
WIEBE, Vera Almeda28081?Progress, 01 December 1976aged 63
WIER, Johanna29009Nanaimo, BCProgress, 13 June 1979born 11 July 1893 in Stary City, Iowa, USA, husband Lloyd died in 1974
WIGINTON, E. B. (Ned)26545Parksville, BCProgress, 07 September 1972born at Elmwood, Manatoba, aged 64 years, wife Alexia
WILCOX, Beatrice L.20831Malvern, Worcestershire, EnglandProgress, 16 January 1957
WILEY, James Reginald?Ghaza Strip, EgyptProgress, 27 September 1961born in Edmonton, Alberta, 24 years old, buried in the Canadian Cemetery in the Ghaza Strip in Egypt on 09 September 1961, father B. J. Wiley
WILEY, Lloyd George34282St. Mary's HospitalNews, 16 November 1993aged 77 years, wife Miriam deceased
WILKINSON, Alice Frances22866Nanaimo, BCProgress, 15 August 1962born in Minton, Lincolnshire, England, aged 85 years, husband John William Wilkinson died in 1938
WILKINSON, Donald Frederick34176?Star, 13 August 1993 & News, 10 August 1993wife Molly, mother-in-law May (Pete) Czajkowski
WILKINSON, Joseph??Progress, 03 October 1962born in Newcastle-on-Tyne, England, aged 70 years, wife Florence
WILL, Peter Simpson28096Coquitlam, BCProgress, 08 December 1976born at Lathres, Raynes, Scotland, aged 92 years, no known relatives
WILLGRESS, Grace26647Parksville, BCProgress, 20 December 1972born in Nanaimo, BC, aged 75 years, husband John James died in 1958, brother Harry Dawson
WILLIAMS, George??Progress, 05 October 1960came from Netherhill, Saskatchewan, wife Matilda
WILLIAMSON, Eleanor May26093Nanaimo, BCProgress, 16 June 1971born in Birmingham, England, aged 80 years, husband William died in 1970
WILSON, Agnes Mary23574Parksville, BCProgress, 22 July 1964born in Bristol, England, aged 74 yrs, husband John Cameron Wilson died in 1950
WILSON, Eilbeck Bertram28082Qualicum Beach, BCProgress, 24 November 1976aged 68 years, wife Edna
WILSON, Ethel Bertha33860Qualicym Beach, BCStar, 25 September 1992born 13 November 1909 in Winnipeg, husband Carl
WILSON, George Thomas Gamble34304?News, 07 December 1993born in Stavely, Alberta in 1909, wife Charlotte Josephine
WILSON, John Edward22675?Progress, 31 January 1962from Perth, Ontario, aged 80 years
WILSON, John George27764Parksville, BCProgress, 14 January 1976born at Gortagraggon, Ireland, aged 76 years, wife Irene
WILSON, Robert23279Nanaimo, BCProgress, 02 October 1963born at Riccarton, Scotland, aged 85 years, wife Margaret died in 1954
WISKIN, Edward29001Nanaimo, BCProgress, 06 June 1979born in Hughesobka, Russia, aged 66 years, wife Mair, parents Mr. and Mrs. A.G. Wiskin
WITHAM, Katharine34252Comox, BCStar, 15 October 1993husband Kent
WITHERSPOON, John Grant27537?Progress, 28 May 1975born in Seattle, Washington in 1909, wife Gladys
WOLFE, Suzanne34475Nanaimo, BCStar, 27 May 1994 & News, 31 May 1994born 26 April 1953 in Sanpete, Utah, USA, husband Larry, mother Irene Bergen, brothers Steve, David and Michael Johnson
WOOD, Archibald James26299Ladysmith, BCProgress, 05 January 1972born in Sussex, England, aged 81 years, wife Susan
WOOD, William Frederick25949Nanaimo, BCProgress, 20 January 1971born in Port Alberni, age 9 years, father Fred Wood, grandmother Alice Van Horne
WOODCOCK, Thomas Allen34377Nanaimo, BCStar, 18 February 1994wife Edna
WOODMAN, James27960Nanaimo, BCProgress, 28 July 1976born in Birmingham, England in 1887, wife Lydia
WOOLGAR, Mary A.33997Nanaimo, BCStar, 05 February 1993born 14 June 1923 in Bentley, Alberta,
WORDEN, Ruth26416Nanaimo, BCProgress, 03 May 1972husband George, brother Lt. Col. C. Chipper
WOROBEC, William Nicolas34262Nanaimo, BCNews, 02 November 1993aged 77 years, wife Liliana from Poland
WRIGHT, Prudence Eileen34331Campbell River, BCNews, 11 January 1994born 15 May 1926 in Calgary, Alberta, husband Phillippe died in October 1967, brothers Herb and Bob McDonald
WYAND, Wallace28986Nanaimo, BCProgress, 16 May 1979aged 69 years, wife Helen
WYNANS, Anthony Jospeh (Tony)34397Port Alberni, BCNews, 15 March 1994 & Star, 18 March 1994born in Tilburg, Holland, aged 44, wife Vicki
YATES, Richard Nelson27977Qualicum Beach, BCProgress, 11 August 1976born in Lancashire, England, aged 69, wife Annabelle died in 1975
YOUNG, Kate22711Parksville, BCProgress, 07 March 1962born May 1866 at Eastbourne, England, aged 96, husband Walter Young died in 1912
ZALUSKI, Patricia34003Nanaimo, BCStar, 12 February 1993born in Kent, England, husband Henry (Pete)
ZOBEL, Werner Rudolph Ernst27726Qualicum Beach, BCProgress, 03 December 1975born in Mittenheide, Germany, aged 66, wife Charlotte