QBFHS Privacy Policy



Qualicum Beach Family History Society (QBFHS) will comply with the Personal Information
Protection Act (PIPA) of BC.

QBFHS will collect, use and disclose personal information only to meet its objectives as set out in its
Constitution and By Laws, and to provide services to its members. Reasonable steps will be taken to
protect and safeguard personal information about members and such information will be destroyed
when no longer needed.

QBFHS will only disclose personal information when necessary to fulfil its legal obligations or if
disclosure is for one of the purposes for which it was collected.

Individuals may request copies of, and corrections to, their personal information by making a request in
writing to the Secretary at the registered mailing address of the Society or by electronic mail to



“Contact information” means name, telephone number and electronic mail address.

“Family History” means any information about an individual’s ancestors or living relatives. “QBFHS”
means Qualicum Beach Family History Society

Collection of personal information

QBFHS will only collect personal information with the explicit consent of the individual it is about
unless the individual provides the information voluntarily and the purpose for which it is collected
would be obvious to a reasonable person.

The following information may be collected:

• Contact information.
• Address.
• Surnames of people the individual is researching.
• Information about an individual’s family history.
• Profession or occupation of members of the Board of Directors.
• Birth dates of Directors
• Biographical information of individuals speaking at meetings, seminars or workshops.
Use of personal information
QBFHS will only use personal information for the purpose for which it was collected.
The following are uses to which personal information may be put:
• To enable an individual to become a member of QBFHS.
• To contact members about activities and events sponsored by QBFHS or which may be of
interest to members.
• To express appropriate condolences/concern in the event of a death or illness in the family of a
Society member.
• To assist in determining which materials to purchase for the Library.
• To enable members to be contacted through the QBFHS website.
Approved by Executive Dec 5th 2011 and Jan 9th 2012• To manage the affairs of QBFHS.
Disclosure of personal information
The following disclosures of personal information may be made:
• Personal information about members of the Board of Directors may be disclosed to government
agencies, which require that information for reporting purposes.
• Contact information for the Directors and members holding volunteer positions may be
disclosed on the QBFHS website; through the QBFHS Journal; to the Family History Centre in
Qualicum Beach and to appropriate persons or organisations requiring information about
• Contact information for the Directors may be disclosed for publicity purposes.
• Family history information may be disclosed through the QBFHS Journal and in an extract from
the Journal on the QBFHS website.
• Personal information about designated signing officers for QBFHS may be disclosed to the
bank, which handles the organization’s bank accounts.
• Photographs of the members and individuals attending a QBFHS event may be disclosed in the
QBFHS Journal and on the QBFHS website provided that no names are linked to the
• Speakers’ personal information may be disclosed for publicity purposes.

Accuracy and protection of personal information

QBFHS will make every reasonable effort to ensure personal information is accurate and complete if it
is used to make a decision about an individual or is likely to be disclosed to another organization, such
as the government and a bank.

QBFHS will take reasonable steps to protect personal information from unauthorised use or disclosure.
Documents containing personal information will be destroyed in a secure manner (e.g. shredding of
paper documents and secure destruction of electronic records).

Retention of personal information

QBFHS will retain personal information only as long as it is required to fulfil the purpose for which it
was collected.

Specifically: Contact information and other personal information contained in QBFHS membership
records will be removed from those records within one year of an individual ceasing to be a member;
within 30 days of a member asking for it to be removed; or when the member can no longer be
contacted using that information.

Request and complaint process

An individual may access or request a copy of his or her personal information by writing to the
Secretary of QBFHS. They may also register a complaint and request that an error or omission in
personal information be corrected.

The contact information for making such requests or complaints is:

Secretary, Qualicum Beach Family History Society,
1095 Ganske Road, Qualicum, Beach, BC V9K 2Q5
E-mail: info@qbfhs.ca
Approved by Executive Dec 5th 2011 and Jan 9th 2012