Ten Tips for Making the Most of GEDmatch.com

Have you taken a DNA test and are wondering what else you can do to help you find more matches.

Learning to use segment data can seem like a daunting task. It requires an investment of time that some of us may question. Is the value of what you will get back in the end worth the time taken away from traditional research? That is a question that many people ask themselves before and after taking a DNA test. Is it worth the time and money you’re about to spend on it?

Even as many are asking themselves those questions, they still underestimate the investment that goes into doing genetic genealogy well. There truly is no royal road to understanding DNA results, no easy way to learn to use DNA, and no credible way to make it easier.

There is one tool you may want to have in your arsenal and that is GedMatch.com, the open source tool for anyone who has taken a DNA test for genetic genealogy.    You get matched up with relatives from all of the major testing companies, for free, without having to take or pay for multiple tests.  It presents you with all of the segment information for your matches, and gives you the tools to analyze and work with your own results. You even have the choice of what matching criteria you want to use. Without GEDmatch, your experience as a genetic genealogist would be controlled and limited by corporate interests and objectives.

The one downside to GEDmatch is that it has a steep learning curve.  Heather Collins on the Young  and Savvy Genealogists blog states:  “I’ve been using the website for several years now, and I’m still discovering new ways to use it all the time. To say nothing of all the ways I could be using it better.”   She has posted ten tips to help you make the most of GedMatch.com.

You may just find more DNA matches by using GedMatch – good luck!