Why We Need Our Local Family Search Centre


The Legal Genealogist Judy G. Russell in her blog post of December 12th reminds us that, starting today, Wednesday, December 13, we must set up a free FamilySearch account if we want to access anything on FamilySearch..   

This is something we all knew was coming and, as Ms. Russell writes, “For the most part, this is a small inconvenience — a minor price to pay for major-league access to free records.”

However, in her post, there was one section that struck me as very important:

“And this is the part of the process that isn’t without some major inconvenience — and frustration — for users right now. Because records that we used to be able to see, online, at 3 a.m., in our bunny slippers, are now not accessible online from home at all. To view these records, we’re told, we have to go to a Family History Center (FHC) or affiliated library or view them at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City.

Now this isn’t any different in terms of convenience from ordering the microfilm to be delivered to an FHC or affiliated library… But, for some key records, it’s a big difference from online access just a few weeks or months ago.”

The entire blog post may be read here.

We are very fortunate that in our area we have a local Family History Centre for easy access to records that may not yet be digitized.


If you do not have a Family History Centre in your area or want more information on Family History Centers, there is an  Introduction to Family History Centers that  contains very helpful information on the FamilySearch Wiki.